EI’s Industry Insider Series was created to provide our students & alumni with an additional tool that will support them in furthering their career goals. The Industry Insider Series platform affords brands the unique opportunity to connect with EI students & alumni by discussing industry knowledge, brand career paths, current trends, product knowledge, and demonstrations. EI has had the pleasure of welcoming the following on campus


Industry Insider PRO is typically facilitated through the following agenda; however, it can be customized per artist 

  • Introduction of artist

  • Artist’s story

  • Career path advice/industry insight

  • Demonstration

  • Q&A

Please note: For all EI Industry Insider Series events the school will ensure the following:

  • 15-30 students per IIS session

  • A 1-2 hour time slot for each brand

  • Event will be covered on social media by EI’s Marketing Department