AOM 104


This course explores the considerations and applications used on High Definition and digital TV for the achievement of a 20-year increase in age, duplicate realistic diseases, such as Small Pox, AIDS, malnutrition, etc., simulation of simple injuries and bruises with realistic looks for HDTV using “cosmetics-only” and “build-up” techniques, script analysis, character breakdowns, airbrushing techniques and applications, application of facial hair works and creating and removing tattoos with makeup only.


AOM 104 prepares graduates to work as professional Makeup Artists for digitally recorded events, Television work and HD recorded films.


Upon completion of this course the student will have acquired the following competencies:

  • Distinguish Digital from Hi Def TV and discuss various types of lighting equipment used in TV studios and examine how it affects makeup applications.

  • Design, create, differentiate and apply straight-corrective, beauty, and character makeup designs for Digital TV situations, by using airbrush and hand applied techniques.

  • Conduct a TV script analysis that includes designs, character breakdowns, sketches, continuity and shooting schedules.

  • The use and application of aging techniques with cosmetics and build up materials to effectively change the actor’s age in TV situations.

  • Design, create and apply realistic, simulated simple wounds and injuries for Hi Def TV.

  • Use and apply artificial hair for Hi Def TV situations.

  • Sketch, illustrate and apply temporary tattoo transfers for Hi Def TV and recognize how to cover and conceal real tattoos, scars and birth marks.

  • Examine the general symptoms of different illnesses and diseases and practice duplicating the appearance of those symptoms with cosmetics products.

  • Collect, research materials, design, construct and apply techniques learned on a final project to be used for portfolio purposes.


  • Introduction to HDTV & Film: Considerations on Lighting, Set Etiquette, Union & Non-Union works.

  • HD Straight Makeup Applications.

  • HD Beauty Makeup Applications .

  • Airbrush Techniques & Beauty Applications.

  • Temporary Tattoos & Covering Real Tattoos.

  • Facial Hair works for HDTV.

  • TV Script Analysis, Makeup Designs, Breakdowns, Sketches, Continuity, Shooting Schedules.

  • Age Techniques and character progressions with Cosmetics and build up materials.

  • Construction and Application of different mediums bald caps.

  • Final Exam Photo Shoot session.