We are one of only a handful of makeup schools that offer Financial Aid to those who qualify. Our amazing staff will guide you through the process to see if you qualify for government funded financial aid or one of our scholarships.

Financial aid is available in the form of federal student aid, the Federal PELL Grant, SEOG, the Federal Stafford Loan and the FWS (Federal Work Study) program. Financial aid is available for the Artistry of Makeup program only. The two courses approved to be taken individually are not covered by Financial Aid.


Step 1: Create a New FSA ID

Create a New FSA ID at An FSA ID is a username and password that gives you access to your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), Federal Student Aid’s online systems and can serve as your legal signature.

Step 2: Complete the FAFSA Form

Once you create your FSA ID , navigate to apply-for-aid/fafsa to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application online. The FAFSA allows students to request Federal Grants, Work-Study, and Federal Loans. Completing the FAFSA online ensures that the information is accurate and that it goes directly to the federal processor so you will receive your Student Aid Report sooner. 

Elegance international School code is 014484.

Completing the FAFSA online insures that the information is accurate and that it goes directly to the federal processor so you will receive your Student Aid Report sooner. 



Upon request from the Financial Aid Office, you may need to provide additional documents such as student and/or parent tax returns, verification of untaxed income, or other documents required to determine eligibility.


Your eligibility for Need-Based financial aid programs is determined by subtracting your Effective Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by your Student Aid Report, from the Cost of Attendance for your course of study. Cost of attendance includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing, personal and transportation costs. Charges for tuition and fees can be found in the Tuition & Fees section of the current EI catalog. Other costs are based on a standard expense budget as determined by the California Student Aid Commission. These costs are subject to change.

More information about Cost-of-Attendance (COA)

More information about Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

More Information about Need-Based and Non-Need-Based Programs

General requirements for any student receiving financial aid include:

  • US citizenship or permanent resident status

  • Be registered with the Selective Service System (male, age 18-25)

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Attain a passing score on the Ability to Benefit test selected by EI

  • Maintaining satisfactory academic progress while attending EI

  • Not owe a refund on a federal grant or be in default on a federal education loan


NOTE: Student loans must be repaid. Repayment terms vary according to each specific loan type and amount, but repayment is an obligation and failure to repay may have serious negative effects on your future credit rating and ability to borrow.

Direct Loan

Elegance International began participating in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program beginning July 1, 2010. This is a low-interest, need-based loan designed to provide students with additional funds for education training. 

​There are four types of Direct Loans Available (for more information about each loan type, please visit the links below):

Direct Subsidized Loans

Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Direct PLUS Loans

Direct Consolidation Loans

Repayment generally begins six (6) months after your last date of attendance and the minimum monthly payment is $50.00 per loan. The interest rate is variable (maximum 8.25%) and is adjusted annually. For students who demonstrate a need for a subsidized loan, the government will pay the interest on your loan during the time you are in school and the specified grace period. Students who have a calculated need less than the maximum on the loan may borrow the difference on an unsubsidized loan and will be responsible for the entire interest on that portion of the loan.

To accept the loan funds, you will be required to:

• Complete Entrance Counseling

• Sign a Master Promissory Note


Contact the Financial Aid Office at Elegance International for more details regarding the financial aid process.




Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is a federally funded program and is intended to help eligible students access to the post-secondary institution of their choice. Pell Grants are gift aid awarded pm the basis of financial need. The Department of Education uses the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determinate your eligibility.

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

The SEOG is for undergraduate students with exceptional need and is no repaid. Eligibility us determined in part by submitting the FAFSA. This program is funded by the Department of Education and administrated by the school’s financial aid office. The SEOG fund is limited and awards are offered until the funds are depleted.

Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study program provides students an opportunity to earn money for college expenses during the enrollment. The student’s skills, available hours fir work and financial needs are used to refer the student for placement. Jobs are available on campus but position may be available at select non-profit locations.


Refund Policy for Financial Aid Students

Elegance International is required to comply with these federal regulations regarding Return of Title IV Funds in determining the amount of the Title IV Financial Aid that must be returned on behalf of a student.Elegance International will continue to comply with state and institutional refund policies in determining the amount of unearned tuition, as stated in your Enrollment Agreement and in the catalog.

Return of the Title IV Provisions

All institutions participating in the Student Financial Aid (SFA) Programs are required to use a statutory schedule to determine the amount of SFA Program Funds a student has earned when he or she ceases attendance based on the payment period the student was in attendance. A payment period at this institution is completion of 15 units.

Return of Title IV Procedures

If a recipient of SFA Program assistance withdraws from school during a payment period in which the recipient began attendance, the school must calculate the amount of SFA Program assistance the student did not earn and those funds must be returned. Up through the 60% point in each payment period, a pro rata schedule is used to determine how much SFA Program funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal. After the 60% point in the payment period, a student has earned 100% of the SFA Program funds.


The percentage of the payment period completed is the total class hours completion in the payment period for which the assistance is awarded divided into the number of class hours completed in that period as of the day the student withdrew.Number of hours completed/ Number of hours in period= Percentage completed (rounding the third decimal place up in the fourth decimal place is 5 or more)

Return of Unearned SFA Program Funds

The school must return the lesser of the amount of SFA program funds that the student does not earn, or the amount of institutional cost that the student incurred for the payment period multiplied be the percentage of funds that was not earned.

If the institution must return Federal funds received by students who withdraw prior to completing the 60% of a given payment period, the student may owe the school for the portion of the funds returned that the institution is otherwise entitled to based on the school’s approved and applicable refund policy.

‘Return to Title IV’ worksheets are available upon request from the Financial Aid Office.




Financial Aid Funds Disbursement

Students can expect three financial aid disbursements throughout the duration of their program at Elegance International. The first disbursement occurs 30 days after the student begins their program, the second disbursement comes after the midpoint, which is half the program, and the third and final disbursement occurs during the student’s final class of the program (HDTV & Film Part 2). 

Federal Student Aid Funds are sent directly to the school via electronic funds transfer. Elegance International will notify you in writing each time we receive and credit your account with Federal Student Aid Funds. You will also receive a notice from your Federal Loan Servicer confirming the disbursement of your Federal Student Aid Funds.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)

The second financial aid disbursements are subject to the SAP status and completion more than half of the program.

School reviews the measurement of student’s progress at the end of each payment period. After final grades have been posted, students with a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of less than 2.0 will be placed on FA warning.

Leave of Absense

In the event the student does not return from a leave of absence, any refund due will be made to the appropriate financial aid program.

For Federal loan borrowers: If not returning from leave of absence, the period of leave of absence will reduce you grace period.


If you take out a student loan, you have certain rights. Some of those rights are listed below:

  • If you take out a Federal Direct Student Loan, you have the right to a grace period before your repayment period begins. The grace period begins when you leave school or drop below half-time status. The exact length of your grace period will be shown on the promissory note provided to you by your lender, typically six (6) months.

  • You must be given a repayment schedule, which lets you know when your first payment is due, and the number, frequency and amount of all payments.

  • You must be given a list of deferment and cancellation conditions.

Entrance interview
Before the first loan may be disbursed, you must receive the following information in an entrance interview:

  • The full amount of the loan, the interest rate and when you must begin repayment.

  • The effect borrowing will have on your eligibility for other types of financial aid.

  • The yearly and total amounts you can borrow, and the minimum and maximum repayment periods.

  • A current description of loans you owe your school and/or lender, an estimate of what your total debt will be and what your monthly payments will be.

  • An explanation of default and its consequences.

Exit interview
Before you leave school, you must receive the following information about your loan in an exit interview:

  • The amount of your total debt.

  • The average monthly repayment amount you can expect.

  • The name of the organization that holds your loan, where to send your payments and where to write if you have questions about your loan.

  • A description of deferment and forbearance.

  • Debt management advice. Notification that you provide your expected permanent address and the address of your expected employer, and any correction to the school’s records concerning your name, Social Security Number and driver license number.

  • Exit Counseling

You also have certain responsibilities. Here are a few of them:

  • When you sign a promissory note, you are agreeing to repay according to the terms of the note. This note is a binding legal document. This commitment to repay means that you will have to pay back the loan, even if you don’t complete your education, aren’t able to get a job after you complete the program, or you are dissatisfied with, or do not receive the education you paid for. If you do not pay back your loan on time, or according to the terms in your promissory note, you may go into default, which has very serious consequences.

  • You must make payments on your loan even if you do not receive a bill. Billing statements and coupon books are sent to you as a convenience, but not receiving them does not relieve you of your obligation to make payments.

  • Even though you may have applied for a deferment, you still must continue to make payments until your deferment is processed. If you do not, you may end up in default. You should keep a copy of any deferment request form you may have and you should document all contacts with the organization that holds your loan.

  • Notify the organization that holds your loan if you graduate, withdraw from school, or drop below half-time status, change your name, address, or Social Security Number, or transfer to another school.




The financial aid staff is expected to continually maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of carrying out his or her responsibilities, specifically including all dealings with any entities involved in any manner in student financial aid, regardless of whether such entities are involved in a government sponsored, subsidized, or regulated activity.

In doing so, a financial staff person at EI should refrain from taking any action for his or her personal benefit; refrain from taking any action he or she believes is contrary to law, regulation, or the best interests of the students and parents he or she serves.

Ensure that the information he or she provides is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential personal gain. Be objective in making decisions and advising students at EI regarding relationships with any entity involved in any aspect of student financial aid.

EI staff will refrain from soliciting or accepting anything other than nominal value from any entity: a governmental entity (such as the U.S. Department of Education) involved in the making, holding, consolidating or processing of any student loans, including anything of value (including reimbursement of expenses), and/or for serving on an advisory body or as part of a training activity of or sponsored by any such entity.

Disclose to the school in such a manner as the school may prescribe, any involvement with or interest in any entity involved in any aspect of student financial aid.


The primary goal of the school’s financial aid office staff is to help students achieve their educational potential by providing appropriate financial resources. To this end, this Statement provides that the school’s financial aid office staff shall:

  • Be committed to removing financial barriers for those who wish to pursue postsecondary learning.

  • Make every effort to assist students with financial need.

  • Be aware of the issues affecting students and advocates of their interests at the institutional, state, and federal levels.

  • Support efforts to encourage students to aspire to and plan for education beyond high school.

  • Educate students and families through quality consumer information.

  • Respect the dignity and protect the privacy of students, and ensure the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances.

  • Ensure equity by applying all need analysis formulas consistently across the full population of the EI student financial aid applicants.

  • Provide services that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, and/or economic status.

  • Recognize the need for professional development and continuing education opportunities.

  • Promote the free expression of ideas and opinions, and foster respect for diverse viewpoints within the profession.

  • Commit to the highest level of ethical behavior and refrain from any conflict of interest or the perception thereof.

  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism, reflecting a commitment to the mission and goals of EI.


Financial aid is not available for individual classes or workshops.

California Residents
Currently Elegance International does not participate Cal Grant, state funded program.




  • For those who qualify, the Federal Pell Grant is financial aid that does not have to be repaid. It is awarded to undergraduate students. 


  • For those who qualify, FSEOG is awarded to students with the highest need. Must be a Federal Pell Grant recipient, and funds depend on availability. 


  • For those who qualify, Direct Loans are available to students regardless of income. Federal student loans are required by law to provide a range of flexible repayment options, including, but not limited to: income-driven repayment and income-sensitive repayment plans; and loan forgiveness benefits, which other student loans are not required to provide. 

  • Subsidized Direct Loan is awarded to students based on need. The federal government pays the interest on behalf of the student while they are in school and grace periods.

  • Unsubsidized Direct Loan is not based on need; the borrower is responsible for all accrued interest for the life of the loan. 


  • Post 9/11 GI Bill® Educational Assistance (Chapter 33)

  • Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty Educational Assistance (MGIB-AD/Chapter 30) 

  • Montgomery GI Bill®-Selective Reserve (MGIB-SR/Chapter 1606) 

  • Survivors’ and Dependents Educational Assistance Program (DEA/Chapter 35) 

  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP/Chapter 32)

  • Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31) 

For more information on how to apply for the GI Bill and other VA Education benefits as a Veteran, service member, or qualifying family member, please visit