EI ‘s Hollywood makeup school career services is designed to give support and guidance to all of our students and alumni. Our Career Development Program, in conjunction with our project based curriculum, means that you’ll be getting a world class education and simultaneously receiving real world work experience, all while you’re still in school.

Your career services specialist assists students with career goals, job placement, portfolio presentation and EI Connects. Specialists help guide students to determine and refine their career goals to suit their needs and desires. Available jobs and internships that meet each student’s criteria can be provided through career services. Specialists also assist students on the best way to arrange and present their portfolios. Additionally, a personal page on EI Connects, a special portal designed to help showcase our students’ work, is given to each student for maximum exposure of their art.

The Career Services Department will be there for you, throughout your time at EI, and even after graduation. Our specialists are always available to provide support and guidance as students plan and facilitate their career.


EI’s job placement assistance is a vital part of the student’s educational program and one we take great pride in. The Career Services Department is staffed with full-time placement professionals and offers students and graduates an active placement service.

Although the securing of positions cannot be guaranteed, we will do everything possible to provide students with the best and most up-to-date job placement opportunities.


A variety of career-related workshops and seminars are offered by the Career Services Department throughout the year.

Students and alumni are encouraged to participate in as many programs as possible to enhance their career development process.


Career counseling gives students an opportunity to meet one on one with industry professionals who are actually making a living working in the Makeup Arts Industry.

This unique opportunity gives valuable insight and advice for individual career preparation.


The Externship Program at EI offers exciting opportunities to augment classroom study with real-world work experience. Under the guidance of a faculty supervisor, students are given opportunities throughout the year to apply their knowledge at various entertainment related events such as TV shows, plays, movies and, fashion shows.

Externships are vital to building the necessary confidence needed for career success.


The Career Services Department coordinates several career fairs each year to bring together students and employers within the Makeup Arts Industry.

EI job fairs give you the chance to meet face to face with prospective employers, participate in on-campus interviews and auditions, as well as attend informative industry related workshops and seminars.


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