Training includes: Basic Construction of proper and realistic prosthetic appliances for facial or skin application, knowledge and running of different prosthetic appliance materials such as foam latex, gelatin, pros aide transfers and encapsulated silicone, Life cast techniques, molding techniques and the development of characters with appliances to be used in the HDTV & Film Part 2 course.


AOM prepares graduates to work as Artists/Technicians at special makeup effects shops for construction, elaboration and handling materials for prosthetic appliances, intended for Theatre, TV or Film use.


Upon completion of this course the student will have acquired the following competencies:

  • Identify, analyze and apply different mold making techniques to create Film quality prosthetics.

  • Examine and experiment with different prosthetic appliance construction materials.

  • Interpret and prepare different structural face changes by different sculpting techniques.

  • Collect and compare different reference material to organize conceptual designs.

  • Chose and design different makeup prosthetics for specific characters.


  • Introduction to Basic Prosthetics Construction.

  • Life Casting Techniques & Applications.

  • Framing & Correcting Positives.

  • Snap Molds.

  • Sculpture Procedures.

  • Mold Making.

  • Prosthetic Appliances.

  • Gelatin Appliances.

  • Silicone Appliances.

  • Foam Latex Appliances.

  • Pros Aide Transfers.