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EI, School of Professional Makeup Weekend & Night Makeup Classes

Weeekend & Night Makeup Program

EI is now offering students the option of our flexible weekend and night makeup classes in addition to our regular daytime classes. Our new weekend and night programs will allow you to graduate in as little as 15 months for certain courses. Our new course schedule is designed for the busy adult who has prior commitments.

Here at EI, we understand that today’s individual has a job, children, family and other obligations that make it challenging for them to pursue their dreams. With our weekend and evening classes, students can experience a more flexible course schedule that fits in with their everyday life.

We believe in your success and are always actively looking for new ways to improve. The weekend and evening classes will give you the opportunity to fulfill your career goals without disrupting your existing commitments. With a more convenient class schedule you can still keep your weekday job and work towards your dream career on the weekends. Students who don’t work a 9-5 schedule and have weekend obligations can take advantage of our night classes.

Qualifying students can also take advantage of financial aid. Furthermore, Elegance International offers job placement assistance to all students and graduates. In addition, our career services will help you with your portfolio and help prepare you for an exciting career in the makeup industry.

If you’re someone who wants more out of life but never thought going to school was an option… then our weekend and night classes might be just the thing for you! In a short amount of time you can easily make your dream career a reality without rearranging your entire life to do it.

Contact us for more information on our weekend and night classes and get started on a new path to a more satisfying life.

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