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Wedding makeup looks change and Makeup artists are constantly in need of inspiration for new creativity. Makeup looks need to be fresh, beautiful, and customized to each bride. Finding new creative ways to bring out the best in every bride while playing to any theme or setting for their weddings can be very challenging.

Trying breaking things down into smaller sections or elements such as: the bride’s dress, setting of the wedding, the theme (if any), colors involved, flowers, and other little things that might provide inspiration. It’s probably easiest to begin with the colors involved in the wedding, then move on to the setting. Is the ceremony in a church? Outside? Gazebo? Beach? Hall?

Beach Wedding

If it’s a beach wedding then look at pictures of beaches and beach resorts for ideas. If you live near a beach then it might be good to take a stroll along the water’s edge or boardwalk to help churn up some inspiration. Be sure to really pay attention and to take note of all of the little details. Listen to the sounds of the birds, the sea, and the winds. Breathe in the air and relish in its salty delight, how does it speak to you? Feel the dry, warm sand beneath your feet, and then sample the wet sand too. What colors and emotions does it stir in you?

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are held both during the day and at night so it’s important to get a feel for each of them. To immerse yourself in the setting, visit parks, flower gardens, plant nurseries and florists. Notice the colors, shapes, fragrances and textures around you. Use these to form color palettes, designs, and to customize a makeup look to suit different flowers and landscapes.

Multicultural Wedding

There are more and more multicultural weddings taking place nowadays and couples are choosing to integrate backgrounds. Explore different cultures and their wedding practices and educate yourself on different customs. Notice the use of colors and traditional styling as well as more modern makeup looks.

Fantasy Wedding

This is a rather new concept and usually chosen by young couples to celebrate their special day. There are sci-fi themed weddings, vampire themed weddings, fairy-tale themed weddings, carnival themed weddings and many, many more. Do some research on the most popular themed weddings and try to replicate some of the looks. Once you feel that you have the hang of it, experiment with your own creative ideas.

A makeup artist should always take note of beauty in the world and use it as inspiration for new, creative, and exciting makeup looks.