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The on trend makeup looks for 2015 promise bold features mixed with natural beauty. It’s a fun time to jump into this summer’s trendy makeup looks and to experiment with something new.

Eyebrows are becoming bigger, bolder and more dramatic as the weather gets warmer, but carefree and with minimal structure. Blonds have stopped bleaching their brows to match their hair and are in fact going dark, some are going very dark. Full, lush eyebrows are brushed upwards to “fluff” them up and clear brow gel or mascara is brushed on to set them.

The dramatic eye is smoky and unrestricted, yet boldly subtle at the same time. Opt out of black and aim for earthy browns, coppers, dark taupe, terracotta or dusty gray-blue. These shades will add sex appeal, mystery and sultriness to your look without looking heavy or creepy. The cheeks and lips should be kept bare or nude to focus attention on the eyes.

Bronzers, tanners and glowing makeup products are back, but are being applied strategically and sparingly.  Apply BB cream and apply just a light dusting on your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose and along your hairline near your forehead. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum with the no-make look and pull hair back into a loose ponytail for a soft summery appearance. You can also apply these products to your shoulders, shins, backs of arms, tops of hands and feet for an all-over “day at the beach” look.

Another one to put on your list for trendy makeup 2015 is the cheeks and lips combo. Start with a dewy complexion and apply pink shimmer gel or cream to your cheeks. Next, apply ruby, berry or bright pink lip stain to the very center of your lips. Top off the lip stain with sheer lip balm in a matching shade over your lips to moisturize and blend the color. Leave eyes bare, brush eyebrows up and out, and keep hair loose and flowing.

Spring is the time for blossoms, new growth and updating your look with trendy makeup 2015. This year boasts revised throwbacks with a more laid back air from the 50s, 70s and 90s.
Extravagant or bold eyeliner is the must-have tool to have in your makeup kit. Black is always the go-to color, but we’re also seeing a lot of navy, rich brown, regal purples and out loud greens on the runways lately. The look is heavy, structured and slightly, to somewhat flourished for the more conservative eye. A casual take requires a more freehand look with uneven lines, smudging and minimal flourish.

Bohemian Makeup

Modern Bohemian Makeup

Modern Bohemian
• Smoky muted purples, browns and rosy pinks eyeshadow for sultry eyes. Skip the eyeliner and used eyeshadow to line your upper and lower lash lines, blend outwards to soften the edges. Use clear or tinted mascara on eyelashes just to define them and keep brows full, carefree with minimal structure.
• Nude or soft pink lips are the most popular for an everyday bohemian makeup look. Leave the lip liner and apply the color evenly across your lips straight from the tube or with your fingertip. Go for a medium or medium sheer coverage lip color in a satin finish for the most authentic look.
• Your skin should be translucent and dewy, devoid of any heavy foundations or creams. Leave skin bare if possible or apply a good BB cream for minimal coverage.

Bombshell Trendy makeup

Stunning Bombshell Makeup

Stunning Bombshell
• The eyes are similar in color to the bohemian smoky eye look but opt for taupe, dusty brown and brown/gray eyeshadows. Concentrate the eyeshadow on the crease and not on the lid itself. Use a dark brown or black eye liner to line between the lashes on your upper eyelid. Gently lift your upper eyelid with one hand while carefully lining your waterline and the space between your eyelashes. This will instantly give you the look of full dark eyelashes without being obvious. Use black liquid or pen eye liner along your upper lash line and draw it out at the outer corners. Apply a coat of brown or brown/black mascara to finish the eyes.
• Lips should be a rich burgundy, brown or garnet in color. Go for a satin or matte finish and apply with a lip brush for even coverage. This look requires a more opaque lip color and structure so use a matching lip liner to perfectly outline your lips.
• For every day wear, skip the blush and just add a touch of illuminating highlighter to the peaks of your cheekbones.
• Keep the skin slightly dewy or matte with powder or mattifying cream. Use a full coverage foundation to make your skin as even and flawless as you can.

2015 Trendy Makeup School LA

It Girl Makeup Look

“It Girl” Glam
• For the trendiest “It Girl” eyes go for a feminine shade like baby rose, tender pink, peach, delicate coral, fluffy mint, sheer aqua, lavender or lemon cream. The look leans towards pastel shades, but with a bit more oomph. Apply the shadow from the lash line up past the crease and blend towards your brow bone. Add a touch of highlight on the brow bones just below your eyebrows to open the eye. The eyebrows should be full and loosely structured with definite lines. Brush brows upwards with clear mascara or brow gel to demure harsh lines and give it a softer look.
• For the lips you can choose from extremes, either nude or bold poppy red. Depending on your eyeshadow color and intensity you can go with a nude or neutral shade of lip color or choose a shade of red that doesn’t clash with your eye makeup. Poppy reds are the hottest shades this season.
• Clean and fresh faced is how your skin should look. Go with a dewy finish that’s reminiscent of a day at the beach. Lightly powdered bare skin or a light covering of BB cream is all that you’ll need for this look. Add small touches of a slightly shimmery highlighter on the Cupid’s bow, brow bone and tops of cheekbones. For a little bit of warmth and soft glow, sweep on a nude blush with a hint of pink.

For all you fashionistas out there, the trendy makeup for Spring 2015 is guaranteed to satisfy your desires no matter what they may be. Whether you’re a little on the wild side and want an edgier look, or more of a demure natural type… this Spring there’s something for everyone. Trendy Makeup Spring 2015
On the bolder side of the spectrum you will find more defined makeup looks and richer, fuller colors that lean to the vampy route. For a bold day time look, try heavy black eyeliner along your upper lashes, paired with berry stained or rich matte brown lips.
For an easy day to night look try using a medium shade of brown on your eyelids with clear or brown tinted mascara to add definition and sense of sultriness to your eyes. Keep the lips neutral with nude matte or velvet finish lip color to keep the focus on your eyes. Easily transition your makeup look from day to night with gold highlights on your eyes and a swipe of clear or sheer tinted lipgloss.
Now for those of you who rarely wear makeup, prefer a natural look or are just looking for something different than your usual bolder makeup style, the classic no-makeup makeup look is strong in Spring 2015. With this makeup look it’s obvious that the goal is to seem as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Start with a colorless skin primer or bb cream instead of a liquid, cream, airbrush or mineral powder foundation. Choose a nude or taupe shade of eyeshadow and apply just a touch to the creases of your eyes while leaving the lids bare. Apply a slightly pink tinted lip balm to your lips to bring out their natural color. You can stop here or add a single soft swipe of bronzer to your cheeks for a warm glow.
All three of these looks should be paired with full bushy eyebrows that are set with brow gel to hold the look. The busy eyebrow trend also calls for a shade or two darker than your hair to really emphasize them.