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The on trend makeup looks for 2015 promise bold features mixed with natural beauty. It’s a fun time to jump into this summer’s trendy makeup looks and to experiment with something new.

Eyebrows are becoming bigger, bolder and more dramatic as the weather gets warmer, but carefree and with minimal structure. Blonds have stopped bleaching their brows to match their hair and are in fact going dark, some are going very dark. Full, lush eyebrows are brushed upwards to “fluff” them up and clear brow gel or mascara is brushed on to set them.

The dramatic eye is smoky and unrestricted, yet boldly subtle at the same time. Opt out of black and aim for earthy browns, coppers, dark taupe, terracotta or dusty gray-blue. These shades will add sex appeal, mystery and sultriness to your look without looking heavy or creepy. The cheeks and lips should be kept bare or nude to focus attention on the eyes.

Bronzers, tanners and glowing makeup products are back, but are being applied strategically and sparingly.  Apply BB cream and apply just a light dusting on your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose and along your hairline near your forehead. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum with the no-make look and pull hair back into a loose ponytail for a soft summery appearance. You can also apply these products to your shoulders, shins, backs of arms, tops of hands and feet for an all-over “day at the beach” look.

Another one to put on your list for trendy makeup 2015 is the cheeks and lips combo. Start with a dewy complexion and apply pink shimmer gel or cream to your cheeks. Next, apply ruby, berry or bright pink lip stain to the very center of your lips. Top off the lip stain with sheer lip balm in a matching shade over your lips to moisturize and blend the color. Leave eyes bare, brush eyebrows up and out, and keep hair loose and flowing.

One of the hottest trends this year, if not the hottest, is the modernized grunge makeup look. This is a redefined look from the 90s and encompasses rich deep tones, heavy opaque makeup and pale ashy porcelain/ivory skin. The main focus should be the eyes; think full brows, dark mysterious eyes, and lots of eyelashes.
When it comes to the lips though, it’s at the extremes. On one hand you have lipsticks in deep shades of brown, garnet, black purple, midnight red and chocolate cherry. On the other hand you have the nude invisible lip, which is pretty much self-explanatory. etc and a deeply bronzed face. Grunge Make-up School LA
The Chic Street Grunge: Here the focus is on dark, sunken night-before looking eyes usually in yellow/brown or blue/brown shades. The eyeshadow is even textured from the lashes to just at the crease. Lower lashes are lined from corner to corner with matching eyeshadow or smudged matching eyeliner. The whole eye should be blended and polished off with several coats of dark brown mascara. Use a nude lipstick, lip primer, concealer or cream foundation on your lips to direct focus to the eyes. Many opaque nude lipsticks are very dry and unflattering to the lips. Look for a nude lipstick that has a satin finish or apply a heavy lip balm over it to keep lips from drying out.
The It Girl Grunge: This look calls for chalky matte skin a shade lighter than what you normally wear. The eyeshadow should be a brown/gray color with matching eyeliner on the top lids and outer corners of the lower lids. Add brown/black or black mascara to deepen the eyes. The lips demand full power bold rich coloring like maroon, garnet, double chocolate or oxblood. To help keep these dramatic hues in place use a good lip primer and lip liner to really grip the lipstick. Avoid wearing blush but if you feel that you look a little too “undead” then lightly dust on a touch of semi-matte bronzer around the edges of your face.