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Attention Makeup Lovers: Hollywood is in need of more Special Effects Makeup Artists for upcoming movie and television productions!

Makeup artists are everywhere. You can find them in salons, spas, cosmetic shops, beauty clinics, on cruises, in retirement communities, photography studios, fashion shows, festivals, conventions and more. special effects makeup school

However, Special Effects makeup artists are a harder to come by. They are mainly only found in theatre productions, movies and sometimes on television shows. This may be a specialized area, but it is in need of talented artists who live, eat, and breathe creativity. With so many advancements in CGI, entertainment is pretty much free to explore all avenues of fantasy, sci-fi or the time before man. Surroundings and characters in movies or on television have few limitations, with the exception of professional special effects makeup artists. It takes dedication to creative thought, process and implementation to see your creation on the big screen.

If you dream monsters, zombies, aliens, unicorns, and uniqueness… then you are already on your way to making them come to life. Don’t think that it’s going to be a slide in the water park, because it won’t be. You will have to dedicate yourself to passion, production, and positivity. There will be research, practice, experiments, revisions, catastrophes, ups, downs, all-arounds, more practice, and finally – perfection.

So, if you have the calling to become a professional special effects makeup artist, then you have the chance to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. Don’t become discouraged, and don’t give up after the first obstacle. Everyone who is successful has failed in the past, and many times, before success was achieved. There is work involved, but if you truly love what you do and know who you are, then you won’t ever work another day in your life. True Story.

Most people don’t realize that there’s a difference between Beauty School and Makeup School, but there is. The two terms have somehow become interchangeable without differentiation; however the two are not the same. Depending on your personal interests, and future goals one may be better suited for you than the other. The following will give you a general idea of what to expect from either a Beauty School or Makeup School.
In the past beauty school was the preferred term for those looking for a career in the cosmetics field where you would learn application, techniques and color theory. Usually beauty school includes basic hair cutting, hair styling, simple hair dyeing and basic manicuring as part of their curriculum. Students learn about cosmetics, makeup, hair and nails in a general sense, usually without any real focus on one specific area. If you want to become more proficient in any particular area then you will probably have to attend classes that focus on that area. Those who attend beauty school are best suited to work for salons, spas, cruise ships and weddings. However, only a rare few offer diploma programs or properly prepare you for state testing; which you must pass before working in California.
Makeup school is different because it specializes in makeup artistry and tends to concentrate on special FX makeup and more creative aspects. Since makeup schools are considered specialty schools there’s a good chance you won’t learn much about hair or nails. Instead, you will learn all of the intricacies of makeup, from the foundation to the final touches. Students are taught basic beauty makeup as a primer for much more difficult work and gradually learn more advanced techniques such as form, texture and mold modeling for facial prostheses’. Makeup school classes can include instruction on crafting and applying custom facial pieces to drastically alter the person’s appearance. Those who successfully complete makeup school and pass state testing can go on to work for sitcoms, movies, high fashion photography and theatre.