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We are holding a special Makeup School Scholarship/Application Workshop tomorrow from 9AM-11AM for local Los Angeles residents. The first 10 enrollments will each receive a scholarship of up to $2500. Makeup School Scholarship Workshop

Now is the perfect time for anyone who loves makeup and has concerns regarding finances. If you have the passion, then we have the money to help see you through to your full potential.

We believe in our craft and we believe in our students. This is why we have developed a Scholarship fund to assist those who have the ability, but do not always have the means to pay for a first class education in the makeup arts.

EI isn’t a beauty school or cosmetology school, we are the world’s first School of Professional Makeup. We have withstood the test of time in this fast-paced industry because we are constantly improving, fine tuning, learning, and catering to the needs of our students. We strive to inspire and increase the ease of learning complicated projects, such as those seen in big Hollywood movie productions.

Besides Scholarships, we also offer government funded Financial Aid to those who qualify for it. Most cosmetology and makeup schools do not offer government funded financial aid to their students because of the strict rules that the school must adhere to. We are obligated (gladly) to provide our students with a true education in the makeup arts that translates to gainful employment afterward.

Take advantage of this opportunity to truly take a big step towards accomplishing your dreams and goals. It’s a small payout that could result in huge rewards. Two hours of your time could be the spark that sets your life ablaze!

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*This offer is for May enrollment only and limited to 10 people.




Face Off is a competition television series dealing with the world of special FX makeup artists. Each week the artists are tasked with creating original characters like aliens, interbred hybrids, horrific creatures, cyborgs and anything else that they can dream up. The makeup artists are faced with a Spotlight Challenge that tests their artistic abilities and techniques. Contestants are challenged to create, over the course of 3 days, a full makeup character to match a particular theme.

On day one the artists must come up with a concept design and are allowed 5 hours for sculpting. On day two they are allowed 10 hours for work in finishing the molding of their concept. On the third and final day, the contestants are allotted only 4 hours for applying the makeup. Additionally, the makeup artists are given one hour for touch ups and any final adjustments or repairs.

Once the “Last Look” hour is up, the judges then look at the makeups from afar and up close. Finally the judges decide on the top and bottom looks for the week, as well as all of those in-between. Only one artist will be deemed the winner and receive a special bonus prize like immunity from elimination or cash. And one makeup artist will be eliminated from winning the grand prize.

These professional makeup artists seem to have unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art that most people would find unimaginable. So far this season these amazingly talented makeup artists have been challenged with Sexy Beasts, Cosmic Conspiracy, Dragon’s Breath, and Guitar Gods. All of the contestants produced startling works of art with truly original concepts that were well-developed, imaginative, and meticulously detailed.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9/8c to see the next challenge “In the Shadows”.

If you have ever dreamed of a career as a Special FX Makeup Artist, then your best chance for success is attending EI, the premiere Los Angeles School of Makeup Artistry. A makeup artist is much more than someone who just powders & primps your face. Our students are educated, trained and groomed to become amazing artists who use the human face and body as their canvas.

Many people don’t realize the amount of creativity and skill that goes into the creation of special effects makeup. It takes proper training, the correct techniques, a unique vision, and a passion for the artistry of makeup to transform an actor into the perfect character. Some characters will require more than one technique or method to achieve. The special fx makeup artist may have to age an actor as well as apply alien features and wounds. The artist must know whether or not to apply prostheses, where to create latex wounds and also the proper coloring for the setting.

However, the whole character creation is completely dependent upon the imagination of the makeup artist and their creativity for the project. Each individual character, even if it is part of a large clan or group, must be unique and exhibit its own defining look. Additionally, every character, actor and project must be different from your previous ones. A makeup artist must always be in a creative mindset and ready to develop new looks for each particular project.

It is unfortunate that many people still don’t realize how much creativity, imagination and skill goes into the conception, creation and development of special FX characters. Makeup Artistry is exactly that; an art form that uses makeup as its medium.