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Attention Makeup Lovers: Hollywood is in need of more Special Effects Makeup Artists for upcoming movie and television productions!

Makeup artists are everywhere. You can find them in salons, spas, cosmetic shops, beauty clinics, on cruises, in retirement communities, photography studios, fashion shows, festivals, conventions and more. special effects makeup school

However, Special Effects makeup artists are a harder to come by. They are mainly only found in theatre productions, movies and sometimes on television shows. This may be a specialized area, but it is in need of talented artists who live, eat, and breathe creativity. With so many advancements in CGI, entertainment is pretty much free to explore all avenues of fantasy, sci-fi or the time before man. Surroundings and characters in movies or on television have few limitations, with the exception of professional special effects makeup artists. It takes dedication to creative thought, process and implementation to see your creation on the big screen.

If you dream monsters, zombies, aliens, unicorns, and uniqueness… then you are already on your way to making them come to life. Don’t think that it’s going to be a slide in the water park, because it won’t be. You will have to dedicate yourself to passion, production, and positivity. There will be research, practice, experiments, revisions, catastrophes, ups, downs, all-arounds, more practice, and finally – perfection.

So, if you have the calling to become a professional special effects makeup artist, then you have the chance to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. Don’t become discouraged, and don’t give up after the first obstacle. Everyone who is successful has failed in the past, and many times, before success was achieved. There is work involved, but if you truly love what you do and know who you are, then you won’t ever work another day in your life. True Story.

As some of you already know, EI has recently moved to a new Hollywood location and we’re loving it! Everything has turned out beautifully and the Unicorns are fitting in just fine. (Not really, the Unicorns think the Monsters are too scary.)

Our new location has been in the works for some time now because relocating a school isn’t easy. There was a lot of planning, designing, updating and improving that had to be done in order to declare our school “fully operational” and ready to serve students. The final design is based on efficiency, comfort, inspiration and the flow of creative energy.

special effects makeup school

We love to give private tours of our new school – which is pretty much just a whopping 20,000 square foot playground for makeup lovers! Students have more workspace in a layout that’s easier to manage, with upgraded equipment, and enhanced designs. The entire space is crafted to help ease the learning of complex Special Effects Makeup projects.

Whether students need a cool-off or a fire-up, they can find it in the students lounge area where they can sit a spell. The lounge area is perfect for when you need to reboot, brainstorm, or commune with other students.

Now is the perfect time to check us out because school starts on June 1 for our daytime program, and on June 7 for our Weekend & Night program. So, come visit us in the land of beautiful Monsters, Fairies, Demons, Sea Creatures, Illusions, Goddesses, Zombies, and anything you imagine…

After all, it is Your Dream.

We are holding a special Makeup School Scholarship/Application Workshop tomorrow from 9AM-11AM for local Los Angeles residents. The first 10 enrollments will each receive a scholarship of up to $2500. Makeup School Scholarship Workshop

Now is the perfect time for anyone who loves makeup and has concerns regarding finances. If you have the passion, then we have the money to help see you through to your full potential.

We believe in our craft and we believe in our students. This is why we have developed a Scholarship fund to assist those who have the ability, but do not always have the means to pay for a first class education in the makeup arts.

EI isn’t a beauty school or cosmetology school, we are the world’s first School of Professional Makeup. We have withstood the test of time in this fast-paced industry because we are constantly improving, fine tuning, learning, and catering to the needs of our students. We strive to inspire and increase the ease of learning complicated projects, such as those seen in big Hollywood movie productions.

Besides Scholarships, we also offer government funded Financial Aid to those who qualify for it. Most cosmetology and makeup schools do not offer government funded financial aid to their students because of the strict rules that the school must adhere to. We are obligated (gladly) to provide our students with a true education in the makeup arts that translates to gainful employment afterward.

Take advantage of this opportunity to truly take a big step towards accomplishing your dreams and goals. It’s a small payout that could result in huge rewards. Two hours of your time could be the spark that sets your life ablaze!

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*This offer is for May enrollment only and limited to 10 people.