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This is the year of No-Makeup Makeup Trend and Spring 2015 could be considered it’s official launching. There are still bold, vibrant and rich makeup colors to be found on the runway and in everyday life, but things have definitely shifted towards a more natural look. No-Makeup Makeup School LA
The everyday makeup for this season is less obvious than previous years and heavy structured looks are taking a backseat to fresh sheer natural looks. Gone are the harsh contouring, stenciled lips, bejeweled eyes and pink cartoon cheeks. Instead, we’re opting for romantic eyes, glowing skin, subtle highlights and sweetly tinted lips. It’s all about bringing out your features in a very soft way. Shading and highlights are still allowed but they’re toned way down to a minimum. Red and pink lips are also still on the table, however they are now presenting themselves in gentle sheer shades versus opaque, matte ones.
How to Get the No-Makeup Makeup Trend:
Skin: Opt for blur cream, BB cream, CC cream, sheer powder or just plain sunblock instead of a true foundation. If you’re not comfortable showing so much skin then you can try applying concealer to areas that need attention or use a sheer jelly foundation for a more natural look.
Eyes: Groom your eyebrows up and out for a fuller look and apply brow mascara or clear mascara to hold them in place. Go with a nude eye with a bit of eye primer to help even out skin tone and to give the lids a matte finish. If want to wear eyeshadow then use a very neutral or pastel palette just to enhance them, but not to exaggerate them. Clear or brown tinted mascara is the optimum choice for the no makeup makeup look, but you can also use a traditional brown shade if you want more volume and visibility. Skip the eyeliner altogether if you can; if not, then try using a taupe or tan color on the upper eyelid only.
Lips: Since natural is the key word here, swap out your tube lipsticks and highly pigmented lip glosses for a sheer lip balm or lip tint instead. For youthful pouty lips, go for a peach, pink or red lip balm to impart a natural glow. If you need something with more staying power then apply a lip stain or lip tint first then layer with a clear or sheer lip balm to moisturize and for a dewy finish.
Cheeks: They are best left bare but you can add a touch of cheek gel, blush water or sheer tinted powder if you want a touch of warmth. You can also skip the cheek coloring and just add a hint of highlight to the tops of your cheekbones for a lifted look. Alternatively, there is more and more all-over face & body tints available on the market today and these can be a real time saver. Usually the all-over body colors/ tints come in a squeeze tube or in a shallow pot of some sort. The tube version is thinner and spreads more easily but dries faster. The potted kind has the texture of a balm and moisturizes but is heavier and doesn’t spread as quickly as the tube variety.