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Makeup magic happens when artists utilize different methods to conjure up creations and many of them tap into their own personal inspiration for help. Every makeup artist has their way of obtaining ideas and is influenced by the desired outcome. If the project calls for a horrific zombie then they must undoubtedly explore a path of creation that is different from that of a werewolf.

makeup inspiration

You can find things to inspire you whether they are tangible or not, but it most always requires personal inspiration for it to fully blossom. What makes a character creation amazing, spectacular and believable? It’s a combination of quality education, skill, technique, experience, imagination and creativity. However, even if all of those areas were at the point of perfection, the end result would still fall short of its full potential if the creation lacked inspiration from the makeup artist.

It’s good to look at other makeup artists’ examples for ideas to use for your own makeup creation, but don’t copy someone else’s work. The point is to incorporate the ideas and creativity of others into your own original work. Pick out certain elements and adjust it so that it reflects you and isn’t just a reproduction. It is important to find your personal inspiration by connecting with your feelings, emotions and experiences when channeling your desired character. Determine what it is that makes the character come alive. This means you have to develop its personality, goals, purpose and emotions to make it believable to the viewing audience.

Many people think that the key to an original design is dependent upon outrageousness when it is really dependent upon the vision of the artist. The makeup artist must explore their personal experiences with the creation and the effect it had on them at the time. What zombie frightens you the most? What about the zombie made it scary? Were you first repulsed by it or scared? What zombie did you dislike the most and why? It’s important to examine the best examples as well as the worst. You can then determine that it was the coloring and placement of blood that gave the zombie realism. You can also recognize the poor craftsmanship and over-detailing that caused you to dislike the worst example. Research the best and worst examples and study them intricately to help you get in touch with your creative design. If you recognize your own personal feelings towards a desired character it will be easier to find your own personal inspiration.