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Here we have put together a small collection of Special Effects Makeup Tutorials from YouTube. We’ve included a nice variety to give everyone a broader view of what amazing things you can achieve with Special Effects Makeup.

Aging: This is one of the staple Special Effects Makeup looks and should definitely be mastered by anyone who wants to shine as a makeup artist. Aging characters can usually be accomplished using only makeup and without a prosthetic appliance.
Old Lady Makeup Tutorial (NO Prosthesis/No Latex)
How To Do An Old Age Makeup
Old Age Makeup Tutorial Transformation Without Prostheses

Fantasy: Who doesn’t love a good fantasy character? This is where a makeup artist can really shine by showing off their creativity. Skill and training are one thing (actually two, but who’s counting) and creative ability is something else. Fantasy special effects makeup is the probably the grand cup winner of all the special effects makeup looks. There is no right, there is no wrong… only your imagination.
3D Carved Makeup Tutorial
Ventriloquist Doll Makeup Tutorial
Winter Butterfly / Fairy Face Painting Tutorial

Characters: Recreating famous and prominent special effects characters can be both challenging and fun! Many makeup artists start out by mimicking the work of famous artists to improve their skills. The challenge lies in doing your best to copy the character exactly as the original and can be frustrating. Do not fret! It takes a lot of experience to compete with the seasoned professionals and everyone has their own unique style.
Barbie Doll MakeUp Transformation
Cabin in the Woods | Fornicus Makeup Tutorial
Jack Skellington Makeup

Horror: Many makeup artists consider horror special effects makeup to be the most fun to craft. A lot of the time horror makeup requires the use of prostheses, latex, spirit gum and/or facial hair. There’s also a really good chance that you’ll need to use theatrical blood- so fun!
Slit Throat Effect: DIY Tutorial
Open Wound and Burned Face Makeup Tutorial
Monster Mouth Makeup Tutorial

The seasons are changing and so are the makeup trends so we’ve put together some Makeup Tips for Makeup Trends 2015 for you to experiment with, pass or keep.

Makeup School LA Makeup Trends 2015

Go nude for a no-makeup makeup look and bold poppy red when you’re feeling daring!

• Instantly brighten your look with a bold poppy shade of lipstick. Skip the lip liner and apply from the center of your lips out to the edges using your fingertip. Keep your eye makeup simple with a single coat of brown tint mascara and nude eyeshadow. If you choose a shimmery or pearlescent lip color then go with matte eye colors. However, if your lips are matte then you can add a touch shimmer to the center of you eyelid right above the lashes.
• Update your makeup look with light-reflecting concealer, peach or rose blush, and subtle highlighter for a clean, elegant, and youthful face. The new concealers offer the same or better coverage than those of days gone by, but are lighter in texture and tend to be less cakey. Soft peach and pale rose blushes give you a more natural feminine look while offering an aura of youth. The key to highlighting is subtlety and your highlighter should highlight and not highbeam. Choose one that’s super sheer and glides on smoothly if you use a cream or stick highlighter. Powder highlighter usually needs a soft touch or you’ll end up looking like an insane cyborg, so go easy and apply gently.
• Turn your daytime makeup into sultry night makeup by simply adding metallic bronze, copper, gold or silver eyeliner topped with matching eyeshadow along your lash lines. The eyeshadow will help your eyeliner to stay put while also giving you a softer, smoldering look. Add a light dusting of powder to your face to absorb shine and you’re ready to go! If you have a little more time or want your makeup to have a bigger impact, dab lips with tinted lip balm in red, rosy pink or peach.
• For a natural-ish trendy look, try a bold and bright colored creamy opaque eye liner in tangerine, violet, sunshine, cobalt or crème de menthe along your lower lash line. Leave your upper eye lids bare of eye liner and apply two coats of mascara on your upper lashes to open your eye and to balance the top with the bottom. The bottom lashes should be mascara-free or with a single coat of tinted mascara in order to allow your liner to shine brightly. Pair your bold streak with taupe or sand colored blush or eyeshadow below your cheek bones for a natural looking contour, and neutral lips in bare nude, blush nude, caramel, suntan or latte.
• Get a dewy, glowing, barely tan makeup look that really stuns in the no-makeup makeup department with a few simply steps. Start by swapping out your regular foundation or BB cream for one that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Next, using a large fluffy brush, sweep matte terracotta, mocha or copper blush, bronzer, eyeshadow or loose pigment across your cheekbones. With the same brush and color, swipe it across your face beginning from the top of one cheekbone and continuing under your eyes, over your nose and ending at the opposite cheekbone.

One of the hottest trends this year, if not the hottest, is the modernized grunge makeup look. This is a redefined look from the 90s and encompasses rich deep tones, heavy opaque makeup and pale ashy porcelain/ivory skin. The main focus should be the eyes; think full brows, dark mysterious eyes, and lots of eyelashes.
When it comes to the lips though, it’s at the extremes. On one hand you have lipsticks in deep shades of brown, garnet, black purple, midnight red and chocolate cherry. On the other hand you have the nude invisible lip, which is pretty much self-explanatory. etc and a deeply bronzed face. Grunge Make-up School LA
The Chic Street Grunge: Here the focus is on dark, sunken night-before looking eyes usually in yellow/brown or blue/brown shades. The eyeshadow is even textured from the lashes to just at the crease. Lower lashes are lined from corner to corner with matching eyeshadow or smudged matching eyeliner. The whole eye should be blended and polished off with several coats of dark brown mascara. Use a nude lipstick, lip primer, concealer or cream foundation on your lips to direct focus to the eyes. Many opaque nude lipsticks are very dry and unflattering to the lips. Look for a nude lipstick that has a satin finish or apply a heavy lip balm over it to keep lips from drying out.
The It Girl Grunge: This look calls for chalky matte skin a shade lighter than what you normally wear. The eyeshadow should be a brown/gray color with matching eyeliner on the top lids and outer corners of the lower lids. Add brown/black or black mascara to deepen the eyes. The lips demand full power bold rich coloring like maroon, garnet, double chocolate or oxblood. To help keep these dramatic hues in place use a good lip primer and lip liner to really grip the lipstick. Avoid wearing blush but if you feel that you look a little too “undead” then lightly dust on a touch of semi-matte bronzer around the edges of your face.