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When people think of Makeup Artists they usually focus on their skills, experience, training and creative ability but fail to realize the importance of makeup tools.

A makeup artist can have the best training, unparalleled experience and the creativity of Da Vinci, however to realize their true talent they need the right makeup tools for the job. Developing a character goes beyond the vision of the artist because no matter how detailed the plan is it can’t become a reality unless the proper makeup tools are used.


A good way to understand what you will or may need to complete a project is to look at past examples from makeup artists whose work you admire. Find out all that you can and inquire about the products that were used in its creation. To learn what works best for various effects, research different types of products, makeup and applicators from multiple sources. Connect with others and read user reviews on them to help you decide what is best for your needs. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for samples of items that you are interested in because many companies will be glad to help you out.

If you really want to know how a pigment, cream, latex or brush will work then you must try it out for yourself. Try out various ways to apply the product by applying it lightly, then heavily. Note the difference in texture, opacity and reflection. Also experiment with different brushes, sponges or other applicator to realize the effects it can create. You can also try blending products together to create something new altogether!

Be careful of duplicating someone else’s makeup kit because each makeup artist is unique. Some are heavy-handed, some are light-handed, and some favor the right side while others favor the left. These subtle differences can make one person’s dream tool someone else’s nightmare. It’s good to get advice from others and you may discover a wonderful pigment, brush collection or face primer, but beware of copying another’s kit. Choose your tools and design your makeup artist kit carefully to reflect what is best suited for your individuality.