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Many guys are sporting the No-Makeup Makeup for men look and most people have no idea that they’re even wearing it. In today’s modern times makeup isn’t just for women anymore; cosmetics have crossed over to accommodate the masculine gender and many are embracing the change. It’s unfair to think that only women want to take care of themselves and look their best because there are plenty of men who want that too!
The most popular cosmetics for men are skin care products which include face wash, astringent, and moisturizer. Although men have been using these products for decades now, it isn’t until recently that they started using exclusive cosmetics created for them. Ten years ago there were only a few cosmetic products directed at men and most of them were aftershaves or items for razor bumps and acne. Today’s cosmetics for men are growing fast in the makeup industry, with a range of products geared towards their needs.
Skin – The best way for anyone to be at their finest is to have smooth, flawless skin. With a wide range of skin care products to choose from it’s no wonder that men are growing sexier with age. The most important part of creating a healthy, fresh, youthful glow is to implement a good skin care routine that you follow regularly. There are a variety of brands and options for men to choose from that are geared toward their individual needs. Some soften beards for easier shaving or grooming, while others are aimed towards relieving acne or sensitive skin.
When it comes to correcting redness, blotchy patches, and uneven skin tone or reducing pore size, men are flocking to BB cream as a solution. Almost as fast as women’s BB creams swept through the industry, so did BB creams for men. They are considered the most basic of cosmetics for men, but have a huge impact if you find the right one. These BB creams contain a small amount of skin toned pigment that will give you a smoother finish without being detected. However, for those who aren’t ready or choose not to opt for a tinted BB cream there are blur creams that contain sunscreen, and powders that will remove shine and absorb oils.
Eyes – Eye cream should be a must-have by everyone and used daily to prevent wrinkles. Most men aren’t opposed to using eye cream because it’s transparent and does wonders for protecting the delicate eye area. Men are also reaching for concealer to cover dark circles or eye brightener for a more awake, perky look. In addition to fixing eye issues, many are also opting to open their eyes with tinted or clear mascara. A single coat of mascara can make a huge difference and is undetectable to most everyone.
Lips – When it comes to lips you’d be hard pressed to find a man who hasn’t at least worn some sort of lip protectant at one point in his life. Wearing a lip balm, lip treatment or lip protectant is more of a necessity than for cosmetic reasons. During hot summer months your lips are more susceptible to sun exposure, leading to dry lips or discolorations which could become more serious. Get into the habit of wearing a lip balm during the day, especially if you’ll be spending time out in the sun. Make sure that your lip balm or protectant has an SPF of at least 20 and don’t forget to reapply after eating or drinking.