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Every day tons of makeup lovers search the internet for “Makeup Schools LA” and are flooded with a multitude of search results. This can be very daunting and intimidating to say the least. It can take time to explore the results of a Makeup Schools LA search, and some people even become so frustrated that they just give up altogether. Don’t give up!

You can make the task of searching for a Los Angeles Makeup School less of a task and more like shopping. Think of it as shopping for clothes, shoes, cars, houses, cell phones, or makeup. You are shopping for a makeup school that suits your needs and wants.

So, now what do you need? Think about what you may need in order to attend a certain makeup school in LA. Do you need a makeup school that’s very close to where you live? Do you have a job during the day? Do you have children or other responsibilities? Do you need flexibility in your makeup school schedule?Do you need financial help?

Now for your wants, do you want to learn beauty makeup, film & television makeup, theatrical makeup, photographic makeup, special effects makeup, or all of them? Do you want to attend an accredited makeup school? Do you want to become a licensed makeup artist in California? Do you want a quality education?

These are questions to ask yourself when searching for the keywords Makeup School LA and other similar phrases. You may want to include specific needs or wants within your search words to help filter out makeup schools that don’t fit what you’re looking for.

Despite your choice of makeup school in LA we here at EI (as much as we would love to have you as a student) want you to be happy and to follow your dreams. No matter what school you decide upon, or don’t, please remember to always follow your own desires and not the dreams of others. Never let anyone or anything stop you from being the best you possible. Be comfortable walking in your own shoes and Stay Beautiful everyone!


Becoming a Makeup Artist is all that it seems to be and much more. There are the obvious benefits like working closely with people, making others feel beautiful, being part of a growing industry, monetary rewards, creative challenges and opportunities to see your work in print or on film. However, there are plenty of hidden perks that many people don’t realize and fail to take advantage of.
Travel – Very few people realize that there are opportunities to travel as a professional makeup artist. Cruise ships are designed to be an all-encompassing vacation and all of the major cruise lines have spas and/or salons aboard the ships. This is a great chance for a makeup artist to see the world while making a living. Most all cruise ships offer room and board plus a decent salary to their employees, which means you’ll have very few expenses during this time. Not only will you be able to travel to other lands, you can meet people from other cultures and expand your horizons even further.
Celebrity Interaction – If you study hard, practice and dedicate yourself to your love of makeup then you stand a good chance of landing a job in the entertainment industry. If you show up with a smile on your face, passion in your heart and a creative mindset, then you may find yourself working closely with top celebrities. You could help to create, reinvent, fine tune or sculpt their look while picking up a few tips yourself. Invest into yourself and your craft by putting together a quality portfolio. In today’s world of technology it’s fairly easy to create an online portfolio that really kills. All of our students are given their very own page on our website to create a professional portfolio that shows off their work.
Fame and Notoriety – If you’ve ever wanted to achieve fame by being the best of the best and notorious for your creativity and skill… then becoming a makeup artist might be for you. Those who welcome challenges, embrace creativity, and aren’t afraid to grow, are the ones who find themselves famous at the end of the day. Every television show, movie, theatre production, magazine cover, runway show and newscast has at least one makeup artist on hand at all times. These are areas where you can really shine and let your makeup artistry flourish.