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Halloween Makeup Inspiration

HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween Makeup is something that most makeup lovers think about all year long. It’s the time of year when we go through our makeup inventory and take stock of what we have and what we may need. Doing this alone can actually inspire many ideas for the perfect costume. However, if you’re still in limbo or drawing a complete blank, then look for ideas in other areas.

Halloween MakeupHalloween Makeup for People Creatures

It may be easier to come up with something creative, original (or not), and achievable by breaking things down a bit. Start by deciding what type of costume you would like to create. Are you looking to copy a real person, dead or alive; or a fictional person? Maybe you don’t want to be a person, but rather a character from a book, movie, comic, or play. Then again, you may want to create your own character from scratch to showcase something very original. Use your creative abilities to craft yourself a superhero like Spiceman, who foils his foes with various spices and helps those afflicted with bland food by adding just the right seasonings to their dish.

Halloween Makeup for Animals and Insects

However, if people aren’t your cup of tea, then you can entertain the idea of being an animal, insect or plant. They may seem boring or overdone, but that’s where your imagination comes into play. Remember that movie with the alien plant that needed to be fed blood on a regular basis? Definitely not your average boring houseplant! And there are also several different depictions of people and animals being bitten or blended with insects. Just expand your mind a little and do some research on exotic bugs and you’ll see what I mean.

Halloween Makeup for Inanimate Creatures

Okay, let’s say that people, characters (fictional and non), animals, bugs and plants aren’t for you. You can always dive into the realm of inanimate objects. Take a look around your house or anywhere for that matter and try to spot something that catches your eye. It doesn’t have to be beautiful to attract you. In fact, it may be something disgusting or horrific that makes you do a double take. Try to channel it into something that you can manage and/or create as a costume. What about a talking chair, futon couch, evil refrigerator, or crazy paperclip?

So, basically you only need to observe the world around you and add a dash of colorful creativity to come up with an amazing costume that’s sure to get noticed.


Alien Makeup

Halloween is a great time for many makeup artists because they have tons of Halloween Makeup Ideas and a small window of time to use them. However, if you’re just an amateur makeup lover (or a professional makeup artist) it may be harder to come up with original or creative Halloween Makeup Ideas.
So, here we have put together a selection of inspirational makeup ideas to help you get your creative juices churning.

Two-Faced: This Halloween makeup idea takes things literally when it comes to being a two-faced person! Although this is probably the easiest to create, it still has some impact in the creepy department. The beauty of the two-faced makeup is that you can just wear whatever you’re wearing while you’re applying it! However, here are a few ideas if you want more of a theme to the look.
Wear stained/dirty/ripped/old onesie pajamas or a fleece jumpsuit and carry a baby bottle (fill it with a dark opaque liquid for maximum grossness) and/or a beat up toy.
Try a white laboratory coat and black pants for a “science gone wrong” feel. If you have a beaker lying around (don’t we all!) you can fill it with a liquid and carry it with you.
If your desire is to be a toxic waste victim… then get yourself a hazmat jumpsuit and throw it on over anything. The paper suits are fairly inexpensive and adding rubber gloves to the mix definitely gives it a more realistic feel.
A great last minute costume that doesn’t even have to cost you anything!

Creepy Stretched Lips: This one is super simple and definitely creepy. You can also turn up the creep meter by adding a bit of blood to your face. Pair your lips with a colored wig or crazy hair and a variety of outfits depending on your final look.
You can wear a Lolita dress, mary jane shoes, curly doll hair or pigtail wig and complete the look by carrying a dirty/burned/battered baby doll.
For more of an alien science fiction feel, try wearing a catsuit (metallic would look awesome), high-heeled boots, and simple, bold metal jewelry. As for the wig, go for a straight sleek wig (long or short) with hard bangs that’s a single color. Try to avoid wigs with highlights or ones that look too “natural”.
If you’re more of the villain type, try a catsuit, cape, skater skirt, sturdy boots, thick elastic belt, and high arched eyebrows.
Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial: If you’re a comic book fan or have just always dreamed of being a comic book character… then your dreams are about to come true! This is a fantastic tutorial on how to achieve a realistic (because comic book characters are real, right?) comic book look for Halloween or any other time of the year. Since there’s a large variety of characters you are pretty free to wear what you want.
For a business-y look wear a suit and carry an oversized pencil.
You can always go with girl-next-door look by wearing a knee length floral dress, ballet flats and pearl jewelry. If you’re the boy-next-door then throw on a nice pair of slacks, collared shirt and sweater (V-neck or button up cardigan).

Cracked Doll Tutorial: Dolls are sweet and childish, bringing joy and friendship to many. Not this time! Take that cute, sweet, delicate childhood love and turn it into something a bit more nightmarish. Just think – a smooth, luminescent, fragile, matte porcelain face with soft pink cheeks, rosy lips, wide bewildered eyes, and long fluttering eyelashes… cracked and disfigured! Oh the dichotomy of it! The tragedy!
Toss on a baby doll dress, white knee socks, black flats, and large spiral curls pulled back with a large bow. Feel free to carry around a tea set with you or just the cup and saucer.

Marvel Iron Man Makeup Tutorial: Who doesn’t love Marvel Comic Characters? If you share our love of Iron Man then you’ll enjoy this tutorial on how to get the look. Although Iron Man is a male (Hence, Iron Man), but this tutorial is created by a female makeup artist and it’s spectacular! Pair this makeup with a Woman’s Iron Man suit or Man’s Iron Man Bodysuit and you’re good to go!