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FACE OFF Season 6 Archives | EI, School of Professional Makeup

Face Off is a competition television series dealing with the world of special FX makeup artists. Each week the artists are tasked with creating original characters like aliens, interbred hybrids, horrific creatures, cyborgs and anything else that they can dream up. The makeup artists are faced with a Spotlight Challenge that tests their artistic abilities and techniques. Contestants are challenged to create, over the course of 3 days, a full makeup character to match a particular theme.

On day one the artists must come up with a concept design and are allowed 5 hours for sculpting. On day two they are allowed 10 hours for work in finishing the molding of their concept. On the third and final day, the contestants are allotted only 4 hours for applying the makeup. Additionally, the makeup artists are given one hour for touch ups and any final adjustments or repairs.

Once the “Last Look” hour is up, the judges then look at the makeups from afar and up close. Finally the judges decide on the top and bottom looks for the week, as well as all of those in-between. Only one artist will be deemed the winner and receive a special bonus prize like immunity from elimination or cash. And one makeup artist will be eliminated from winning the grand prize.

These professional makeup artists seem to have unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art that most people would find unimaginable. So far this season these amazingly talented makeup artists have been challenged with Sexy Beasts, Cosmic Conspiracy, Dragon’s Breath, and Guitar Gods. All of the contestants produced startling works of art with truly original concepts that were well-developed, imaginative, and meticulously detailed.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9/8c to see the next challenge “In the Shadows”.