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Every now and then we all need a few great eye makeup tips so we’ve put together a few that we think you’ll love.

Use beige pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline to make eyes brighter and look larger. White pencil eyeliner is too harsh for most people and is very obvious compared to a nude or beige liner. You can also try very pale cream blue pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline to instantly brighten eyes and to make the whites appear whiter. Choose the palest shade of blue that you can find that is opaque and isn’t shimmery or glittery. Avoid sky blue or aqua shades unless you are using them as pops of color. make up school LA
Blend your eyeshadow up and out to create a more youthful eye look. After applying your eyeshadow use an all-over eye brush to gently blend and smooth the colors together for a seamless eye look. Use a wedge makeup sponge with a bit of foundation or concealer to sweep along the sides of your eyes from the outer corner to the end of your brow.
For a perfectly coordinated smoky eye look use a wet/dry eyeshadow duo. Apply the lighter shade to your eyelid and brow bone. Next apply the darker shade to your crease. Wet a small eyeliner brush with water and apply the darker shade along your lash lines. After the liner dries completely, go over it with the same shade, but apply it dry this time.
To get full bushy eyebrows try first brushing them upwards and slightly outward. This will help “ruffle” them up and give the appearance of fullness. Fill in thin areas or your entire brow by using brown fiber mascara. Apply the gel to the areas you want to cover or fill and then apply the fiber on top. Be sure to use a light hand at first and apply more fiber if needed.
Gold and Copper metallic eyeshadows look great with any eye color and an easy way to turn day makeup into night makeup. Smooth a little shimmery gold shadow over your lid up to the crease and blend. This will give you a nice night look for dinner or cocktails. You can also line your lower lashes for a little extra glam or apply a copper shadow in the crease. For a more dramatic look, use a copper to line both upper and lower lashes and blend for a smoky sultry look.