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If you have ever dreamed of a career as a Special FX Makeup Artist, then your best chance for success is attending EI, the premiere Los Angeles School of Makeup Artistry. A makeup artist is much more than someone who just powders & primps your face. Our students are educated, trained and groomed to become amazing artists who use the human face and body as their canvas.

Many people don’t realize the amount of creativity and skill that goes into the creation of special effects makeup. It takes proper training, the correct techniques, a unique vision, and a passion for the artistry of makeup to transform an actor into the perfect character. Some characters will require more than one technique or method to achieve. The special fx makeup artist may have to age an actor as well as apply alien features and wounds. The artist must know whether or not to apply prostheses, where to create latex wounds and also the proper coloring for the setting.

However, the whole character creation is completely dependent upon the imagination of the makeup artist and their creativity for the project. Each individual character, even if it is part of a large clan or group, must be unique and exhibit its own defining look. Additionally, every character, actor and project must be different from your previous ones. A makeup artist must always be in a creative mindset and ready to develop new looks for each particular project.

It is unfortunate that many people still don’t realize how much creativity, imagination and skill goes into the conception, creation and development of special FX characters. Makeup Artistry is exactly that; an art form that uses makeup as its medium.

On Friday, November 22, EI School of Professional Makeup will host an exclusive casting call for our students and graduates for the hit SYFY channel show FACE OFF.

The hit show FACE OFF is back for a new season and will be casting in full throttle at EI School of Professional Makeup! The previous seasons of FACE OFF were filled with heated competition and we expect nothing less from the upcoming one. FACE OFF has hit the scene hard and is very popular among TV viewers, makeup artists, and the fashion industry. EI is thrilled to be a part of such a creative show and proud to have our students be a part of it.

This is a fabulous opportunity for our amazingly talented students and alumni to show off their creative skills in makeup artistry. Everyone is encouraged to audition because we believe in each one of our students. We know that we have the best and soon enough so will everyone one else.

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EI is Now Accepting New Enrollments for Makeup Artist School starting October 2, 2013

The time to attend makeup school is right around the corner and the time to enroll is now! Find a new career, life-long friends, fun times and a successful future as a professional makeup artist. Our makeup courses are specially designed to provide you with the best possible education in the art of makeup. Each class has been tailored, updated and polished to fit the students for that enrollment. All of our techniques and products are up-to-date to include the latest trends and procedures that are available on the market.

As the world’s first school of professional makeup, EI is morally and ethically bound to the highest standards in order to ensure your success. We are constantly striving to improve upon our teaching methods, strategies, and curriculum to provide every opportunity for all of our students to become graduates and licensed makeup artists. In addition to receiving a premier education, we work hard to bring opportunities to every student and graduate of our makeup school.

EI has recently updated many aspects of our school from the course subject matter to the new website design. We have also worked diligently to improve our student services department to help point students and graduates in the right direction. We arm them with everything they need and more, as they start out on their life as highly trained professional makeup artists. The student portal is a new platform where students and alumni can create their own page, post photos, and showcase themselves. It’s the perfect place for students and graduates alike, to share news, techniques, ideas, job openings and more.

If you’ve ever thought about having an exciting career in the makeup industry as a makeup artist, then you should contact us for free attendance as an auditor. Anyone who is interested in attending our makeup school is welcome to be an auditor for a day and attend classes. This is a great way for you to get a feel for the school, immerse yourself in the environment and preview what the classes will be like. You can also inquire about financial aid and scholarship programs that we have available.

Take a chance on yourself today and enjoy a successful, fun, and lucrative future as a professional makeup artist. Enrollment for our next session on October 2, 2013 is open now. Scholarships are limited and our classes fill up fast, so don’t wait until it’s too late!