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It’s no secret that becoming a makeup artist is a beautiful thing, but what is the real beauty of becoming a makeup artist? The real beauty lies in the makeup artists themselves. They are the true beauty and starring gem in the whole thing.

Some makeup artists specialize in wedding, photo, film, or corrective makeup and almost exclusively perform traditional beautifying looks. Then there are those who specialize in theatrical, high fashion or  special effects makeup and concentrate more on creative beauty rather than classic beauty makeup. All areas in the field of makeup boasts its own beauty, however that isn’t where true beauty lies.

True beauty lies within the makeup artist. Yes, their creativity is beautiful. Yes, their technique is beautiful. Yes, their gift of joy to others is beautiful. But the heart of it all is the beauty that grows within the makeup artist. Doing what you love lightens the heart and soothes the soul. It improves upon the person you are and molds you into the best of you. Being skilled, trained, educated and presented with opportunity you can soar higher than you ever thought possible. Confidence lies in knowing who you are, what you want to do and where you’re going in life.

Seeing the joy on someone’s face after a job well done does amazing things for the makeup artist. Happiness is highly contagious and having the ability to help create it for another person is worth its weight in gold. Performing a job that you love will boost your spirits, give you better insight to your future and who you are as a person. This euphoria carries over into the rest of your life. Family, friends, and  all of those who come into contact with you will benefit from your amazing positive energy and pass it on to others.

So, joy and happiness are contagious and easily passed on to others, who in turn, will continue to spread it to even more people. This is the true beauty in becoming a professional makeup artist – a happier life for you and those around you! Make the world a more beautiful place and become a makeup artist today.

When most people think of what a makeup artist might do during a typical day, it usually doesn’t involve helping the community or charitable work. Some might call makeup artists unsung heroes when it comes to charity and what they provide in way of service to the community. Becoming a makeup artist is much more than exercising your creative skills and altering reality for a production. When you become a makeup artist you have a great opportunity to help the community with your talent.
There are many people, both adults and kids, who have been disfigured by disease, burns, and horrific accidents. Many of these unfortunate people have lost their self-esteem and dream of blending in more instead of standing out. This where a makeup artist can greatly improve their quality of life by giving them something that even the doctors can’t, makeup. A well trained professional makeup artist can virtually transform a scar into beautiful, smooth skin or make a dark colored birthmark disappear. Plenty of people wish for money, power, or the perfect physique; but those with debilitating disfigurements wish only for smoother, more even-toned features.
By becoming a makeup artist you can benefit others with your talent. You can be a part of someone’s happiest day by making them the most beautiful bride ever, or create a memorable evening for a prom student. While these are very important events, it’s those who need some help for the everyday that receive the greatest impact. Not only is it painful for the person with the disfigurement, but it’s also heartbreaking for their friends and family as well. Many children are bullied, taunted and teased by their classmates, which lead to a fear of social events, lack of interest, and poor grades. Makeup artists can be the answer to their problems by showing them how and what cosmetics to apply in order to achieve positive results.
Furthermore, makeup artists can also help their community by donating their services to emergency drills held by the city or state. Emergency response teams often practice for emergency situations by reenacting them. This helps everyone to be prepared should there be a real emergency and also helps responders to stay calm during the real thing. Makeup artists are called in to apply false wounds, burns, gashes and other traumas to make the drill as real as possible. It may seem minor to some, but emergency responders know that it is integral to the practice drill. Staged emergency situations need to seem as real as possible in order to properly train staff and strengthen their reactions.
So, for those who never thought they’d be able to combine their love of makeup with their love of the community… think again!

Becoming a Makeup Artist is all that it seems to be and much more. There are the obvious benefits like working closely with people, making others feel beautiful, being part of a growing industry, monetary rewards, creative challenges and opportunities to see your work in print or on film. However, there are plenty of hidden perks that many people don’t realize and fail to take advantage of.
Travel – Very few people realize that there are opportunities to travel as a professional makeup artist. Cruise ships are designed to be an all-encompassing vacation and all of the major cruise lines have spas and/or salons aboard the ships. This is a great chance for a makeup artist to see the world while making a living. Most all cruise ships offer room and board plus a decent salary to their employees, which means you’ll have very few expenses during this time. Not only will you be able to travel to other lands, you can meet people from other cultures and expand your horizons even further.
Celebrity Interaction – If you study hard, practice and dedicate yourself to your love of makeup then you stand a good chance of landing a job in the entertainment industry. If you show up with a smile on your face, passion in your heart and a creative mindset, then you may find yourself working closely with top celebrities. You could help to create, reinvent, fine tune or sculpt their look while picking up a few tips yourself. Invest into yourself and your craft by putting together a quality portfolio. In today’s world of technology it’s fairly easy to create an online portfolio that really kills. All of our students are given their very own page on our website to create a professional portfolio that shows off their work.
Fame and Notoriety – If you’ve ever wanted to achieve fame by being the best of the best and notorious for your creativity and skill… then becoming a makeup artist might be for you. Those who welcome challenges, embrace creativity, and aren’t afraid to grow, are the ones who find themselves famous at the end of the day. Every television show, movie, theatre production, magazine cover, runway show and newscast has at least one makeup artist on hand at all times. These are areas where you can really shine and let your makeup artistry flourish.