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by Louis Kiss

Staying Informed

By Louis Kiss – May 5th, 2013

Are you becoming overwhelmed by believing there are so many makeup products and techniques to learn that you can’t keep up?  Do you feel you need to learn everything?  This is a common attitude among beginning makeup artists but that is also the same attitude that helps drives successful makeup artists regardless of their years as a professional.

As an artist you will ALWAYS be learning.  Whether it is from fellow makeup artists, attending seminars, instructional DVD’s, scheduling new classes, watching on-line videos, or discovering techniques on your own, the process is continual and should never be frustrating.

Anytime you can learn a new technique, it adds to your abilities and makes you more valuable as a makeup artist.

Be sure to keep up to date with EI’s special guest seminars and demo schedule.  This is one of the best hands-on learning environments and they are presented by some of the industry’s top professionals.  It’s a great investment in your skills, relieves the frustration of networking for new ideas, and enhances your career as a makeup artist.

Louis KissLouis Kiss has been a Special Makeup Effects Artist for over 20 years.  Recent credits include MAN OF STEEL and SCARY MOVIE 5.  He is also an instructor at EI School of Professional Makeup