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Here we have put together a small collection of Special Effects Makeup Tutorials from YouTube. We’ve included a nice variety to give everyone a broader view of what amazing things you can achieve with Special Effects Makeup.

Aging: This is one of the staple Special Effects Makeup looks and should definitely be mastered by anyone who wants to shine as a makeup artist. Aging characters can usually be accomplished using only makeup and without a prosthetic appliance.
Old Lady Makeup Tutorial (NO Prosthesis/No Latex)
How To Do An Old Age Makeup
Old Age Makeup Tutorial Transformation Without Prostheses

Fantasy: Who doesn’t love a good fantasy character? This is where a makeup artist can really shine by showing off their creativity. Skill and training are one thing (actually two, but who’s counting) and creative ability is something else. Fantasy special effects makeup is the probably the grand cup winner of all the special effects makeup looks. There is no right, there is no wrong… only your imagination.
3D Carved Makeup Tutorial
Ventriloquist Doll Makeup Tutorial
Winter Butterfly / Fairy Face Painting Tutorial

Characters: Recreating famous and prominent special effects characters can be both challenging and fun! Many makeup artists start out by mimicking the work of famous artists to improve their skills. The challenge lies in doing your best to copy the character exactly as the original and can be frustrating. Do not fret! It takes a lot of experience to compete with the seasoned professionals and everyone has their own unique style.
Barbie Doll MakeUp Transformation
Cabin in the Woods | Fornicus Makeup Tutorial
Jack Skellington Makeup

Horror: Many makeup artists consider horror special effects makeup to be the most fun to craft. A lot of the time horror makeup requires the use of prostheses, latex, spirit gum and/or facial hair. There’s also a really good chance that you’ll need to use theatrical blood- so fun!
Slit Throat Effect: DIY Tutorial
Open Wound and Burned Face Makeup Tutorial
Monster Mouth Makeup Tutorial