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THEATRICAL / LIVE PERFORMANCES MAKEUP Archives | EI, School of Professional Makeup

Training in intimate, mid-range and long-range theatrical makeup, design and development of specific character studies, including: analysis of character together with environment, heredity, health, personality, circumstances as they influence character appearance, age and facial hair. Training in various fantasy makeup designs with emphasis on Color Theory, Color Harmony & Color Function to be used in a selection of fanciful makeup designs for Circus, Vegas shows, Drag Queens and Drag Kings. Students will also learn basic studies of materials, techniques and applications for Face & Body painting designs.

Upon completion of this course the student will have acquired the following competencies and be able to:

  • Learn all considerations to create makeup applications for theatrical situations.
  • Differentiate the makeup applications according to different theatre ranges.
  • Analyze, apply and create different theatrical characters according to personality, age, status and appearances, suitable for classic and modern plays.
  • Distinguish between dramatic formats and apply techniques according to each individual style.
  • Combine and demonstrate all techniques used for the creation of theatrical makeup characters.
  • Evaluate, arrange and create makeup applications for specific theatre characters.


This course is accredited and can only be taken as part of the Artistry of Makeup Program.

Pre-requisite: AOM 101 (120 Clock Hours / 4 Quarter Credit Units)