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HIGH FASHION & PHOTOGRAPHIC MAKEUP Archives | EI, School of Professional Makeup

Training includes:
Students will learn all considerations on makeup applications for photographic situations with emphasis on Commercial Photography & Editorial Photography in different mediums as black & white grain films photography and Digital photography and knowledge on how lighting situations can affect each situation. The use of temporary makeup enhancement techniques as cosmetic lifts and extreme corrective makeup applications to be used for photographic situations. A comprehensive understanding of the makeup through history and how it will be useful as inspiration for situations as runway, outdoors & sports fashion and editorial makeup along to all necessary makeup procedures when working with Fashion designers.

Upon completion of this course the student will have acquired the following competencies and able to:

  • Recognize and use lighting placement and understand how it affects the makeup designs.
  • Use color theory to achieve fanciful makeup designs.
  • Construct and apply cosmetics devices for photographic makeup purposes.
  • Select specific brushes and cosmetic products for photographic situations.
  • Design, restyle and apply a variety of artificial lashes.
  • Compare and interpret a standard beauty design and a fanciful design.
  • Choose and conduct a makeup presentation for specific makeup products.
  • Analyze the History of Makeup, from ancient times to the 1900’s.
  • Design makeup specifically for fashion shows, high fashion photography and fanciful performances.