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FILM MAKEUP AND SPECIAL EFFECTS Archives | EI, School of Professional Makeup

The final class in this year-long program focuses on Current Makeup Trends in FILM including: Terminologies, Product knowledge, Set Etiquette, Character Development, Progressive Makeup Designs, Appliance Application, “Out of Kit” Basics, and the general Understanding of the Science behind the ART of Film Makeup. In addition, the artists’ begin building portfolios with their gained knowledge on: application techniques, horror characters, complex injuries, medical dressings, script breakdowns and budgeting.

Final exam project: the design and execution of a FILM quality realistic or fanciful character with prosthetic appliances.

Upon completion of this course the student will have acquired the following competencies and will be able to:

  • Compare and recognize cosmetics, materials and techniques used for film quality makeup applications.
  • Relate and describe occupations and departments within the film industry that may work in conjunction with makeup artists.
  • Describe proper film set etiquette, terminology, protocol and job criteria.
  • Implement reference research and utilize realistic painting techniques to create life-like creations.
  • Identify and utilize “out-of-the-kit” materials when specialized products are not available.
  • Construct, create and apply realistic looking simulated complex injuries for film work.
  • Application, painting, and maintenance of latex bald caps, gelatin, foam latex, silicone appliances and pros-aide transfers for character makeup designs.
  • Experiment, construct and practice with specialized materials needed for assigned project completion.
  • Conduct a script budget analysis that includes setting facilities, purchasing supplies and materials, hiring and salary distribution and character breakdowns and designs.
  • Collect research materials, design, construct and apply techniques learned on a final project for portfolio use.


This course is accredited and can only be taken as part of the Artistry of Makeup Program.
Pre-requisite: AOM 105 (120 Clock Hours / 4 Quarter Credit Units)