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Don’t miss this opportunity to enroll in May 2017 Makeup School. There are only a couple of days left to get your new career as a Makeup Artist on the fast track to success.
So, you love makeup and have thought about becoming a makeup artist, but there is something stopping you from achieving your dream. Perhaps the idea of studying and school turns you off of the idea? Maybe you think it will take way too long to graduate? You don’t know how you can become a makeup artist while going to school and raising a family? Or you believe you can’t afford to go to makeup school? No matter what your concerns or obstacles are regarding makeup school, our enrollment specialists are trained to put your mind at ease.

Attending EI, school of makeup artistry, is nothing like those old school days. Our classes are fun, exciting, and anything but boring and tedious. Our graduate program takes only a year to complete and the time really flies when you’re having fun! We offer a weekend and night makeup school program (in addition to our traditional day classes) designed specifically for busy adults who have day jobs or a family to tend to. EI is one of only a handful of makeup schools that is approved to offer government Financial Aid to those students who qualify.
Our comprehensive Artistry of Makeup Program is made up of six specialty courses:

• Salon: Beauty and Corrective Makeup
• Theatrical/Live Performances Makeup
• High Fashion and Photographic Makeup
• Beginning Prosthetics
• Television and HDTV Makeup
• Film Makeup and Special Effects

Don’t delay, enroll now because the sooner you begin… the sooner you finish (although you may wish that it doesn’t) and the sooner you become a makeup artist. Contact us by email or phone and we’ll handle the rest!