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When people think of makeup artists they usually think of weddings, high fashion photography, television, movies and theatres. Your first thoughts might be of red lips, bold eyeshadows, false lashes, and highly contoured features paired with perfectly sculpted eyebrows. And while these are definitely a major feature when it comes to makeup artistry, there’s more than meets the eye.


Makeup artists enhance and transform faces to suit a specific need, whether it’s a need for radiance, fantasy, dramatic appeal or horrific disfigurement. However, sometimes they transform faces for other reasons. Sometimes they use their skills to change a person’s life. These are the times when makeup artists truly take the stage as heroes.
Most of us fail to appreciate how easy it is to wave on a bit of mascara, swipe on a sheer gloss, powder our T-zones and be ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, for some people this would be a dream come true and they would give just about anything to have what we take for granted each day. These are the folks who have terrible facial scars, severe burns and disfiguring birthmarks. For them, applying makeup is a depressing and tedious task that doesn’t always produce the results that they want. Discoloration, uneven texture and a temperamental complexion can be very damaging to a person’s self-esteem and cause depression.
A makeup artist is a true hero when they transform a person who suffers from facial disfigurement. It is much more than transforming a bride into a vision to behold or enhancing the youthful loveliness of a young lady going to prom. This actually makes them beautiful from the outside in. It doesn’t just transform them visually, it also transforms them internally. Helping a person to overcome their insecurities and instilling confidence is a truly amazing thing that’s rare to find.