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Ahh… Hollywood… home of the famous. There are so many things that the town of Hollywood has to offer its’ residents by way of the entertainment industry, but most people think it’s just for actors and directors. While it’s true that the majority of people who flock here to seek their fortune are aiming for celebrity status as an actor, singer, screenwriter, or director… there is also plenty of room for other areas of discovery. There are photographers, casting directors, stand –ins, designers, stylists, hosts, animators and, makeup artists too.
Back in the day, makeup artists were never heard of and remained completely behind the scenes when it came to television and movies. Today, things are much different. Makeup artists are now very much in the spotlight and their creativity is off the charts. Things have moved beyond the simple false eyelashes and oily T-zone powdering. Today’s makeup artist can create a natural, dramatic, animal or alien makeup look and sometimes all for one show or movie.
If you’re looking to become a Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Artist then you will really have to challenge yourself with highly creative looks, as well as runway, no-makeup, horror, and fantasy looks. Study characters, creatures and aliens that you favor and dissect it. Why does this particular character engage you? Is it the coloring? Texture? Shape? Simplicity? Extravagance? Decide what it is, and how it comes together, that draws you to it. Do this with all of the looks, designs and characters that you admire and soon you’ll find yourself in a very creative state of mind.
To become a Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Artist you must constantly challenge yourself to dream bigger, better and more often than you ever have before. Try drawing out designs or sketching with color to help you sort out ideas and to develop your fantasies. It doesn’t matter whether you can draw or not, it only matters that you attempt to bring your vision to life. Practice on yourself as often as you can. Dare to be daring and go for bold creations because that’s the only way you’ll gain experience, insight and technique. Attending a topnotch professional makeup school definitely helps, however the real ability lies with you. If you have the passion, desire and drive to put in your dues, then you are a great candidate to become a renowned Hollywood makeup artist.

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  1. Curtain Call 92

    April 24, 2015 at 10:55 am

    I wanna be a special fx makeup artist! They are so talented. How do they do it?

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