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Blog EI February Newsletter

EI February Newsletter

It’s February and we all know that it is the month for love, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Well, we here at EI are also in love. We’re in love with our new remodel and upcoming expansion project, scholarships and instructor Graham Schofield!

EI Gets a Facelift

In order to better accommodate our students, we have redesigned our interior for additional floor space and efficiency. Our desire is to give students and instructors the additional workspace that is needed to provide the utmost in education.

We Love Scholarships

However, we felt that it just wasn’t enough to only make improvements to our existing space, so we will soon expand our facilities to include the lower level as Because we love giving away scholarships and want to spread the joy, now is the time to take advantage of our scholarship programs. Potential students who qualify for our Scholarships will enjoy a substantial deduction in their tuition cost. Many students who qualify for a scholarship also qualify for financial aid. The two combined can make it possible for just about anyone to attend makeup school.


We can’t begin to express how proud we are of our celebrity instructor Graham Schofield and his amazing work on FACE OFF. The hit show is now in its sixth season and going strong with highly creative challenges that really motivate the contestants. This week’s Guitar Gods challenge produced breathtaking creations from all of the makeup artists. The showcase included everything from a Rocker-Billy Goat character to a high concept Alien Musician! Very impressive.

Be sure to watch Graham Schofield and all of the other incredibly talented makeup artists on FACE OFF every Tuesday at 9/8c.