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It’s a New Year and the perfect time for a makeup clean out. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a chance at starting things over for the better. Although any time is a great time to improve upon things, there seems to be a greater push at the start of the year.

The best way to get started on your makeup clean out is to pull out all of your cosmetics and place them on table. Pull out all of your makeup, lotions, creams, toners, washes, soaps, essences, mists, nail polishes, and cosmetic brushes. You’ll probably be surprised by how much stuff you actually have.

Spreading things out will help you to take inventory of everything. Grab a trash bag and 2 boxes (or bags) and label them as Trash, Give Away, Keep. Group similar items together so you’ll know that you really have 5 mascaras and not just 3 of them.

What to Clean Out in the Makeup Clean Out makeup clean out

Once you’ve grouped things together, pick one group to start with and check the expiration dates. Throw out anything that is expired. If there isn’t a date written on the item, and you can’t remember when you got it – throw it out. Additionally, if something smells rancid, moldy, sour, or just bad, then you should toss it. It doesn’t technically have to be expired to be dangerous. It’s best to not take any chances on your health and getting sick from contaminated cosmetics.

Remember to check your cosmetic brushes, applicators and sponges for wear. If a brush is shedding on a regular basis then it should be trashed. Cracked applicators and sponges should also visit the garbage bin, along with anything that smells bad.

After removing all of the old, rancid, expired products you should consider your remaining stock. Do you really need 6 bottles of body lotion? Give the unopened ones away to a friend or family member. They’ll most likely go bad before you get around to using all of them.

What You Should Keep

As far as makeup goes, if you’re a makeup artist then you may want to keep everything that is still usable. You never know what colors or textures you may need for your next client or project. However, if you’re not a professional makeup artist or aspiring to become one then you have a couple options. First, you can just toss it out and chalk it up to a loss. Second, you can give it to a friend who might benefit from that particular product. Lastly, if you’re the adventurous type or are strapped for cash, try blending it with another shade to create something new. Cut and melt two or three different shades of lipstick to form a new shade that better suits you.

In conclusion, get rid of anything that has gone bad or you don’t use. This will make you feel less cluttered, keep you from getting sick and open up more space for new stuff!

We’re having another Makeup School Los Angeles Open House Event on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 starting at 10:00am. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a makeup artist – whether it’s beauty, bridal, fantasy or special effects – then this is a great time to learn more about going to makeup school. Everyone is invited to join us for free refreshments, demos, campus tour and answers to any questions you have about the industry.

At our open house you can get a real feel for how everything works. You can explore our creative environment, view looks created by past and current students and learn about careers in the makeup industry. Attendees can speak with our instructors about our learning curriculum or anything else they desire to know about becoming a professional makeup artist.

In addition to becoming familiar with what we have to offer here at EI, we can may be able to help you financially. We are one of only a handful of makeup schools that offer Financial Aid to those who qualify. Our amazing staff will guide you through the process to see if you qualify for government funded financial aid or one of our scholarships.

Our scholarship programs have different criteria in order to qualify, however we do our best to help attend our school. So, we encourage everyone to apply because you never know if you may qualify!

Our open house is truly open to anyone who wishes to attend. This means that you’re more than welcome to bring your friends and family along with you!

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Halloween Makeup Inspiration

HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween Makeup is something that most makeup lovers think about all year long. It’s the time of year when we go through our makeup inventory and take stock of what we have and what we may need. Doing this alone can actually inspire many ideas for the perfect costume. However, if you’re still in limbo or drawing a complete blank, then look for ideas in other areas.

Halloween MakeupHalloween Makeup for People Creatures

It may be easier to come up with something creative, original (or not), and achievable by breaking things down a bit. Start by deciding what type of costume you would like to create. Are you looking to copy a real person, dead or alive; or a fictional person? Maybe you don’t want to be a person, but rather a character from a book, movie, comic, or play. Then again, you may want to create your own character from scratch to showcase something very original. Use your creative abilities to craft yourself a superhero like Spiceman, who foils his foes with various spices and helps those afflicted with bland food by adding just the right seasonings to their dish.

Halloween Makeup for Animals and Insects

However, if people aren’t your cup of tea, then you can entertain the idea of being an animal, insect or plant. They may seem boring or overdone, but that’s where your imagination comes into play. Remember that movie with the alien plant that needed to be fed blood on a regular basis? Definitely not your average boring houseplant! And there are also several different depictions of people and animals being bitten or blended with insects. Just expand your mind a little and do some research on exotic bugs and you’ll see what I mean.

Halloween Makeup for Inanimate Creatures

Okay, let’s say that people, characters (fictional and non), animals, bugs and plants aren’t for you. You can always dive into the realm of inanimate objects. Take a look around your house or anywhere for that matter and try to spot something that catches your eye. It doesn’t have to be beautiful to attract you. In fact, it may be something disgusting or horrific that makes you do a double take. Try to channel it into something that you can manage and/or create as a costume. What about a talking chair, futon couch, evil refrigerator, or crazy paperclip?

So, basically you only need to observe the world around you and add a dash of colorful creativity to come up with an amazing costume that’s sure to get noticed.