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Keys to Becoming a Successful Makeup Artist

If you want to become a successful makeup artist, or a successful anything, you will need to have a plan. Knowing where you’re heading with your career and what you need to accomplish your goals is a requirement for success. Here we have put together a few key points that can help you create a personalized plan of action. Makeup Artist School

A well thought out career plan is probably the hardest part when it comes to obtaining your goals. Most people think taking action is the hardest piece of the puzzle, however it’s more important to know what action to take.

Think of it as a business plan. A business plan for yourself; with directives, goals and deadlines. It should be thought out in as much detail as possible, and include time frames or checkpoints. Not only will a “Business of Life Plan” help you to meet your desires, it will also validate or invalidate them. You may begin to prepare your plan and realize that you aren’t as thrilled about your initial desire as you thought. Now you don’t have to waste time and energy on something that doesn’t thrill you, and focus on something that does. Life is nothing more than a series of events unfolding. Although you don’t have control over the unfolding (because time keeps on ticking), you do have some control over the events that unfold. Knowing what step comes next on the list will save you time, energy and frustration.

Research the Makeup Arts

In order to get your ducks in a row, you should research makeup and makeup artists. Look at many different styles and types of makeup. This will help you decide whether you’re more of a wedding makeup artist or a monster makeup artist. Of course there are other kinds of makeup artists in between to choose from as well. In fact, you can decide that you want to perform more than one kind of makeup, perhaps all of them. However, you should keep in mind that the more areas you want to work in, the more work it will be if you want to become a top makeup artist.

Training to Become a Makeup ArtistBeauty Makeup

Training is another thing that you will need to work out in your plan. It’s important to decide upon how you will acquire the proper training for the kind of makeup you want create. There are a few ways to obtain training in the makeup arts.

Self-Taught Makeup Artist

First, you can teach yourself by practicing on your own face or those of friends and family. This is a great way to learn, but it can also be time consuming and more wasteful. Since you are learning about makeup on your own, you will most likely need volunteers. But they may not always be available. You will also have to purchase a variety of makeup to experiment with. This can become somewhat of a chore and/or disappointing if you aren’t working with the proper cosmetics. You may end up with a lot of extra materials that you’ll never use. Then it just ends up being a waste of money and energy. Being self-taught is great for someone who is extremely dedicated and disciplined about their goals.

Makeup Artist School Makeup Artist

The second option you have is to attend a school designed especially for makeup artists. This means going to a school that focuses primarily on makeup and little else. Choosing a “Beauty School” is probably not the best because they encompass hair, skincare and nails. These schools are better suited for those who wish to work in salons and spas. Or those who want to specialize in wedding makeup. If you’re interested in performing a variety of tasks in the beauty industry, then attending a beauty school is your best bet.

For those who want to only work with makeup creations should choose a school where the sole focus is on makeup. Many people think that a makeup artist is someone who simply applies makeup on women for various occasions. While this is what some makeup artists do regularly, most career makeup artists specialize in entertainment.

If you are interested in beauty makeup then you can work for television studios and on movie productions. Those who enjoy working with fantasy/high fashion makeup can have a rewarding career working in fashion shows, high fashion photography and theatrical productions. Special Effects lovers are best suited for those who enjoy monster, extreme fantasy, alien and horror makeup creations.

Whether you choose a Beauty School or Makeup school it’s important to decide upon one that can offer the training you need. A proper beauty/makeup school will build you from the ground up, keep you elevated, and set you soaring into the beautiful world of Makeup Artistry.