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When most people think of what a makeup artist might do during a typical day, it usually doesn’t involve helping the community or charitable work. Some might call makeup artists unsung heroes when it comes to charity and what they provide in way of service to the community. Becoming a makeup artist is much more than exercising your creative skills and altering reality for a production. When you become a makeup artist you have a great opportunity to help the community with your talent.
There are many people, both adults and kids, who have been disfigured by disease, burns, and horrific accidents. Many of these unfortunate people have lost their self-esteem and dream of blending in more instead of standing out. This where a makeup artist can greatly improve their quality of life by giving them something that even the doctors can’t, makeup. A well trained professional makeup artist can virtually transform a scar into beautiful, smooth skin or make a dark colored birthmark disappear. Plenty of people wish for money, power, or the perfect physique; but those with debilitating disfigurements wish only for smoother, more even-toned features.
By becoming a makeup artist you can benefit others with your talent. You can be a part of someone’s happiest day by making them the most beautiful bride ever, or create a memorable evening for a prom student. While these are very important events, it’s those who need some help for the everyday that receive the greatest impact. Not only is it painful for the person with the disfigurement, but it’s also heartbreaking for their friends and family as well. Many children are bullied, taunted and teased by their classmates, which lead to a fear of social events, lack of interest, and poor grades. Makeup artists can be the answer to their problems by showing them how and what cosmetics to apply in order to achieve positive results.
Furthermore, makeup artists can also help their community by donating their services to emergency drills held by the city or state. Emergency response teams often practice for emergency situations by reenacting them. This helps everyone to be prepared should there be a real emergency and also helps responders to stay calm during the real thing. Makeup artists are called in to apply false wounds, burns, gashes and other traumas to make the drill as real as possible. It may seem minor to some, but emergency responders know that it is integral to the practice drill. Staged emergency situations need to seem as real as possible in order to properly train staff and strengthen their reactions.
So, for those who never thought they’d be able to combine their love of makeup with their love of the community… think again!