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Tuitition and Fees

Welcome to the EI makeup school tuition and fees page. On this page you will find a breakdown of the costs related to attending our makeup school.

EI Makeup School Tuition

ARTISTRY OF MAKEUP PROGRAM 12 Months | 1080 Clock Hours

 *Financial Aid assistance is offered to eligible students who are enrolled in this program.

Tuition per clock hour: $16.20
Total program tuition: $17,600.00
Lab fees: $1,000.00
STRF fee: $0 cents per $1000 of Institutional Charges
Total STRF Fee: $0.00
Materials Estimate: $2,500.00

Total Cost: $21,000.00


* Note: This is an estimate only. Students are required to purchase makeup, supplies and tools for each class. The amount and types of materials are subject to change. Students are encouraged to purchase these supplies as they progress through their training, and not to buy them in advance of classes. Class materials may be purchased from the student store on campus, or from makeup supply companies.