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Updated listings of available Los Angeles housing options can be found in our Student Services Department. Students looking for shared housing opportunities can also find help with roommate referrals.

Because our students come from all over the world to attend makeup school, they often need some direction to help them find proper housing. EI provides this service to students and prospective students in order to help them relocate as easily as possible.

Los Angeles Housing Guide

Los Angeles housing information can be found in our Student Housing Guide * [PDF]. The guide will provide you with information and assistance regarding apartment rentals, rental agreements, renter’s rights, and finding roommates. Advice for budgeting for food, utilities, telephone services, shopping, and getting around the city can also be found here.

For some people, if not most people, relocating to a new place can be intimidating, confusing and scary. Our belief is that students should have a comfortable place to live while they are studying with us. It’s also important to us that students to be able to easily find groceries and other necessities.

Housing Services is happy to provide you with more information regarding Los Angeles housing. You can contact one of our Admissions Representative directly by phone or by email.

*The Student Housing Guide and other housing information is provided as a courtesy to students. It is intended for reference purposes only. El has no affiliation with any landlord or property owner. EI does not investigate, endorse or guarantee information provided by third parties. All agreements or contractual arrangements related to housing rental or leases are strictly between the student or other responsible party and the property owner or landlord.