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Blog A Career at Sea as a
Makeup Artist on a Cruise Ship

A career at sea as a makeup artist can be very exciting and rewarding. It truly is a life experience like no other on land. The spa and salon menus offered onboard each cruise ship is all based upon the spa facility. Spas on cruise ships often times have very refined amenities. The larger the spa, the more treatments they are able to offer, including glamour makeup, bridal makeup, performance makeup and beauty makeup.

How much you will make as a makeup artist on a cruise ship all depends on the schedule, passenger count and self-promotion. Commercial ships sailing from Florida to the Caribbean on 3, 4 or 7 day routes are usually very busy for the salon and on sea days you can expect continuous appointments. On these cruise ships, most makeup artists earn more money at sea than they would earn on land. Because in the USA tipping is standard, most of the staff can live on their tips alone once they get the hang of things.

On the other hand, if you work as a makeup artist on a cruise ship that sails to different lands in faraway places, like around the world cruises, then the salon will tend to be less busy and the tips are not always as lucrative. But you will get to visit some amazing places that you otherwise would not be able to see or would cost you quite a bit of money. In addition, the crew and staff usually don’t have any living costs whatsoever.

Other benefits of working as a makeup artist on a cruise ship may also include free housekeeping, free food, free boarding, discounted services, access to ship amenities, private leisure area. If you know anything about cruises, you’ll know that they almost always have a fantastic buffet with a large variety of food. It is almost unheard of for a ship not to make this available to the crew and staff for free. Most cruise ships nowadays have telephones in each cabin and internet services as well. Additionally, many cruise lines offer discounts and sometimes free travel for you and/or your family after you have worked for them a period of time.

For those who want to travel and enjoy being on cruises, this is the ideal position for you as a makeup artist and can be very lucrative if you promote yourself. Warm weather and sunny skies are just a small part of what you’ll get to experience aboard a luxury cruise ship. This truly can be an opportunity for you to see the world for free while making good money in an exciting and fun atmosphere. Bon Voyage!