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Just as fashion changes, so do makeup trends and this year is no different. 2015 promises to showcase a new wave of exotic, glamorous and flawlessly natural cosmetics and makeup options. So, to help get you going (if you haven’t started yet) here are 3 Makeup Trends to try in 2015. make-up school LA
Marsala Cheeks – This year the trends are reminiscent of the 90s by way of rich, dark makeup colors. It’s all about those vampy colors from the grunge years, but now it’s spread to the cheeks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Marsala, it’s a type of wine that reflects a burgundy, maroon, garnet color with brown undertones and sometimes a hint of plum. This is a great color for any skin shade whether you have delicate porcelain or beautiful ebony skin. If you’re unsure about how Marsala will look on you, test it out the retro way by applying a little lipstick in the same or similar shade to your cheeks. Since this is such a bold color be sure to just use a touch of it at first and add more if you want a more flushed look. Use a sponge or your fingertips to blend the lipstick up and out toward your ears. If this look isn’t for you then you’ve lost nothing and if it is then you may want to consider purchasing a powder or gel blush.
Bee-Stung Bitten Lips – Following the marsala cheeks are the lush lips in a similar or matching color. However, trends are now drifting into the stained lip and watercolored lip range instead of the dry, thick matte vampish colors of yesteryear. Go for a gorgeous shade of red velvet, oxblood or black cherry and apply it from the center of your lips and blend outwards. Lips stains and tinted waters will give you a more natural look with immense staying power compared to a lipstick or lipgloss. They are pretty much kiss-proof and you don’t have to worry about smears or getting it on your teeth. Additionally, it’s easier to apply than lipstick and you don’t need lip liner, lip primer or a lip brush for a perfect application. Lip stains are also very forgiving because you don’t need to draw on a perfect lip line or fuss over even coverage like you have to with opaque lipsticks.
Fiber Mascara – For the lushest and fullest eyelashes you have to try the new fiber mascaras that have just flooded the makeup market. There are two different types of fiber mascaras to choose from, depending on your preference. One is virtually the same as traditional mascara in that it is a one stage process and looks no different. The difference is that there are natural fibers imbedded into the mascara formula that adhere to your eyelashes just like regular mascara. This type offers you enhanced color and a bit of fullness plus a slight curling effect. The other kind of fiber mascara is a two part process, involves a traditional mascara wand and a smaller wand that applies the fiber. You first apply the base mascara and in most cases quickly apply the fiber on top of it. The two step process gives you the fullest of full lashes, plus length and a good amount of curling as well. The look is heavy and sultry – perfect for a night out at the club or an intimate dinner at home.